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    I have an 8.5 year old black male lab that I am offering as a stud dog for pick of the litter. Registered name is High Cotton Straight Flush and we call him Lucky. Lucky is a solid meat duck dog, just never persued a finished dog with him or hunting tests, etc. He is extremely gamy with a great nose and hard drive. He is a track dog on deer and has recovered many wounded deer and has killed his own by drowning in river. He has several Canadian and American field champions in his four generation pedigree. This dog keeps the yard clear of varmits, killing every armadillo, possom, coon, sqirrel, or cat that comes around. He will tree squirrels and coon, and I have seen him point killdeer in the yard. Lots and lots of hunting instinct. I have owned labs for most of my 46 years and Lucky is the gamiest I have ever had by far. He has proven to be easily trainable on everything we have worked on. If anyone has female they would like to breed to Lucky, please reply or PM me. I'll be glad to discuss pedigree and address any questions you might have. He is not real tall or lanky, but weighs a solid 95-98 lbs.
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    Have you gotten health clearances?
    OFA'd his hips?
    CERF'd eyes?
    Tested for cnm or eic?

    These are all really important known issues in the Labrador breed and all responsible breeders should practice due diligence in making sure they are breeding healthy dogs. Remember sometimes your dog seems healthy and he may be, but he may also just be a carrier and when paired with certain others it can be BAD.

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    No, but if anyone is interested in breeding, we will get that all done. I can tell you that he has no known health problems and visits the vet regularly. I really think at 8.5 years old, he would show symptoms if he had hip or eye problems.