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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by danster, Jul 3, 2017.

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    I picked this bow up from Gford a little over two weeks ago. So far it has proved to be one of the best bowhunting decisions I have ever made. Gentry had it set up when I got arrived. I shot it a few times in the shop to dial in the sight. Once we went outside I was busting nocks and consistent in the 12 ring at 20yards in a matter of about five shots.
    The draw cycle is quite different than what I am used to as my last bow was a 60# Mathews Drenalin. The cycle loads up real quick, but is exceptionally smooth all the way through. Once the cams roll off into the valley the let-off is quite surprising. It does not want to creep or jump out of your arms at full draw, at anchor I am at rest and very relaxed. The shot is dead quiet and man this thing hits hard.
    Every bow I have shot has either had a kisser button or some kind of facial contact with the string up until now. I am shooting without the string touching my nose or side of my mouth. This has been a mental thing to get used to, but now that I am past it I am glad and it is easier for me to shoot because of this.
    My Drenalin was a 60# bow and moving up to 70# draw weight has not been hard for me to do. The more I practice the easier it gets and the better I shoot.
    The performance is really there on this bow. Yes it's fast and hits hard, really hard. I was getting 276fps with a 391 grain Easton Flatline arrow out of my Drenalin. The same 391 grain arrows out of the Turmoil were hitting the 319-320fps range, 44 more fps with the same arrow. I have since switched to a little heavier Easton Bloodsport arrow and I'm settled on this setup's performance: 440 grain arrow at 301fps.
    I would encourage anyone looking for a new bow this fall to go see GFord and shoot one of these bows. The best part of this bow is Gentry sells them for $650 which is a great price on a new bow that shoots and handles like this one. Gentry has treated me with the best professional care that I have had from any archery shop, and he knows his stuff. I drive an hour and 45 mins to his shop and its worth it to me.
    Please PM or post in this thread if you have any questions.

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    NE AR
    I really like that they changed the cable rollers. Awesome bow and congrats!

    A+ for Gford he is top notch!

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    That is a really sweet looking bow, congrats! No doubt, GFord is the man.
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    ImageUploadedByArkansas Hunting1499132140.380855.jpg


    ImageUploadedByArkansas Hunting1499132173.068237.jpg


    I'm not a great archer and I'm my own biggest enemy. However, I am starting to get groups like these. I can't shoot at the same dot on my target any longer.
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    Danster just out of curiosity what is your draw length
    Thanks for the review
  6. danster

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    Arky I'm a 30" DL.
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    Gford is the best

    Congrats on the new bow
  8. Arkybohunter

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    Cool looks like a,sweet rig
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    Thanks for the review. I need to take a drive down to GFord's shop and check this thing out
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    Thanks for the kind words everyone!!
    This Turmoil is a beast!! In a day of $1000 bows it is refreshing to have something like this that performs at the same level.