Obama encourages foreign countries to sue Arizona

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by arky501, Jan 9, 2011.

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    More insanity. I say to heck with all of south america. Yes I didnt capitalize it. Now jump on me if you want. I just said what most Americans are thinking.

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    X2~! :up:
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    Just another step towards that new "world government" that Obama and Holder seen to have a great desire to see implemented. It does not surprise me in the least. I look for a split within our country in the coming future. Some states will secede from the union. I am not a man with a revolutionary mindset. I just wish to be left alone. However, if pushed far enough into something that I do not believe in, I will defend the rights and freedoms that I know I am entitled.
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    ride that horse

    OK, I know obummer wants international law to trump U.S. code. His original campaign included commitments to erase, not open north and south U.S. borders. He is a "progressive" one-world gov't proponent, and has done more to derail the American way of life since elected than many opposing countries dictators have, BUT...
    Look at what happens to ANY non-resident entering any of the countries listed in this court action. If the 9th circuit wants their opinions listened to, it should be done through precedence. If you enter any of these countries illegally you will be immediately detained, jailed, beaten if you protest or resist and shot if you persist. I LIKE their way. Let's adopt it.
    NOW, don't freak out. I DO NOT think it is any of these foreign entities business how we handle U.S. affairs, but any justice split on this that has been overruled must start looking for ways to make the best of the lemons they've been handed. USE THEIR OWN STUPIDITY AGAINST THEM.:flag:
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    How can another country sue a state in this country? :head:
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    Ummm... When has Obama encouraged another country to sue Arizona? The court asked for input from those countries, nothing more. I don't see where the opinion of another country matters but still, I see nothing where Obama is encouraging anyone to sue one of our states.

    And for the record, Monica Crowley is a nutjob.
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    Obama always has a plan.....and it usually stinks like horse:censored:
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    Please, don't offend horses by saying they smell like Obama's plans.
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    I don't disagree with you but in this case I really don't see where it all ties back to him.
  10. possum

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    Could it possibly be that it's his administration that's allowing it to happen?
  11. Gemini2281

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    The judge's had the final say in this case. You can't blame everything that happens in our government on the president. There are many levels of authority and decisions can be made at the lower levels without the express permission, or even the knowledge, of the upper levels.

    I really don't like the way this whole thing is going because it is going to sound like I am defending Obama. I'm not a fan of Obama at all but I am also not a fan of falsely placing the blame on someone.
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    I'm definintely not an Obama fan either and wasn't implying anything, just asking? :up:
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    .......which amounts to encouraging these countries to sue arizona. BTW, you may want to consider me a nutjob if only because I believe the us should remain a sovereign nation whatever other nations believe about our borders.
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    And yet you really can't discount the fact the federal government is actively discouraging the state of arizona from "doing a job" the federal government is intent on "not doing." Like mr obama or not do you want to argue the federal government is doing a good jobe of enforcing our immigration laws? Protecting american citizens on the border?