NYPD Officers good deed

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by sricen, Nov 29, 2012.

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    I fully support random acts of kindness and kudos to that officer, if it's all true. My question is this; Does it seem plausable in this day and age that anyone the age of that homeless man has never had a pair of shoes before? Perhaps it's just my suspicious nature but it's entirely possible this was all a contrived photo op to garner good will for the NYPD.

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    Whether he had never had a pair of shoes or is he just needed them at that time, the guy still gave him something to cover his cold feet.
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    IMHO... A true act of kindness. I seen on tv this morning where the cop declined an interview saying it wasn't worth all attention he was receiving , he was just what he felt was right . It was said that he keeps the receipt in his pocket to remind himself it only cost him 75 bucks for a act of kindness that may have been priceless to as someone else
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    I think it's believeable the man never had shoes. We have thousands of refugees that come here every year, many with just the clothes they have on. Many people in Africa and other places do not own shoes.
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    Saw this on the news tonight, it made me feel good that people still do good things for those in need.