Nutts back in town.

Discussion in 'Razorbacks' started by Ambusher, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Ambusher

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    Was eating in Molly's restaurant in Warren today when none other than Houston Nutt and two of his Ol Miss coachs came in with the head coach of Warren. It doesn't take an genius to figure out he's after the recruits down here who have committed verbally to Arkansas. I guess his promise not to go after any of the recruits who have committed to Arkansas was only good till he had left the state.
  2. ArkArcher

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    Ya'll should have started a big ole...WPS!!!!!!!!! :thumb:

  3. should of started a food fight and thrown your mash potatos in his face
  4. Loc-on

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    He said he would not recruit Arkansas commitments till we got a coach
  5. JR

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    You should have told him that we now have a coach that knows a thing or two about football.
  6. fairweatherhunter

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    Should have had asked him, "Where's Donna?" :biggrin:
  7. D33RHUNT3R

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    Hey if a kid would rather play for HDN than Petrino, I say so be it and good ridance... I think it even funnier if some tell him Hell NO I got Petrino... WPS
  8. Come on Nutt is smart................He is checking out Warren cause He knows He won't be worth a s### at ole Miss and might need a job!!!!!
  9. Arkie_3_fan

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    He's gonna be S.O.L. ever even getting a lawn mowing job in Warren, let alone a coaching job.
    A one point Bo had Paul Petrino, Nutty and Vaughn all in his office at the same time. Bet that was interesting. :thumb:
  10. flintknapper

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    Nutt would make an excellent High School coach. Wouldn't Gus love to see that! :razz:
  11. I am gonna be nice...............nah the deaf school got an opening????:biggrin:
  12. jerry dean

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    Ouch! I'm pretty sure his mom and/or dad used to work there a long time back.

    We played the Deaf & Blind School in football when I was in the 8th & 9th grade. Them boys put a whuppin' on us unlike any other I'd ever had. Like 77-14 and 70-7....and we were real good, too. They tackled one of our running backs as he was going out of bounds and threw him all the way down the hill onto Markham Street.:smack:
  13. See He would have a leg up!:thumb:

    So what your saying them boys didnt hear the play being whistled over :rolleyes:
  14. jerry dean

    jerry dean Guest

    Nope. They had a guy with a big drum on the side lines that would beat the drum when the play was over and they could "hear" the vibrations and stop playing. It was weird for a while, but we got used to it.

    They never had any "offsides" penalities either. They watched the center on Offense and Defense, and moved on the ball snap only. Maybe the Cowboys can try that next year....

    Most of them weren't 100 percent deaf. But there were some that were. Some of them were even 3 or 4 years older than us. It was very enlightening to see them play. I think that's why our coach scheduled them. Those 2 games were brought up many, many times through the 12th grade by our coaches if we were complaining about something being too hard or impossible.
  15. Actually Jerry I think it's awesome that they have a football program. It is great to know that thier disability hasn't stopped them from living life.
  16. jerry dean

    jerry dean Guest

    Yes it is. I used to fish in Anvil Jaw Bass Club a few years back and I picked up one of the "no-boaters" before every tourney that was 95% blind that went to school there. He outfished a bunch of us more than once.
  17. JD you brought back memory's of my youth. I remember when I was in Jr. High we scrimaged the deaf school once or twice and they were tough but we always whipped them. I don't remember any drum though. That must have come later. I do know that they just watched the ball being snapped to go. I went to Southwest and in the 9'th grade we went undefeated and won the city championship. The last time that was done was way back after WWII. Our team had several players that went on to the Razorbacks with scholarships.
  18. spur

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    I hated playing the Deaf School. The refs would always give them a late hit or 2 each game. They were pretty well coached. They played hard and they played mean and you always had to watch your back for the late hits. The only time I've ever been bit by a human and blood was drawn was playing them. Was glad to not see them on our schedule!
  19. CrabClaw

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    Yep, he was at Camden-Fairview High doing the same thing. I'm not so sure that some of those young men should consider his offer,:cool: