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  1. nontypical

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    Just wanted to state that you can beleive or have all the feelings in the world about your second amendment rights but if you are not a member of the NRA you are not being heard. They are the only group with deep enough pockets to have their voice heard. If you are not a member I would suggest now is the time to join.
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  2. Folks might not agree with everything about them. That is "how it is" with any very large organization.

    However they are the 900-pound-gorilla of the firearms rights world. period. :up:

  3. BIG JIM

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    I rejoined when Obummer got elected.
  4. dlfarley

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    Just joined up!! :)
  5. RippinLips

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    I'll be submitting my membership as soon as I can afford it.
  6. Revnate

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    Here's one for $10 off for new/renewal memberships:

    Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I am an NRA recruiter. That means you save $10 and I get a commission through the above link. There's other places where you can get the same discount if you prefer.
  7. dogdoc

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    Long time hunter / outdoorsman... But was never an nra member. Just felt they were a little extreme with some positions. Joined for the first time a few days ago. Thinking about signing up my wife and the kids too. Is there a minimum age to be a member?

    Now is the time folks. The 2nd amendment is being threatened. Without the nra the path to get rid of it would be pretty easy. Like me, join right now! For the simple reason of doing your part to protect the 2nd amendment.

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  8. bmccullough1

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    IMO the 900 lb gorilla should be the citizens of this country. Even though the NARRATOR does a lot, the citizen is the one responsible for protecting his own interests.
  9. Buckrub

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    I have a long time membership. I will keep it.

    My complaint with them is the same as with most preachers. Most preachers just preach to what the current audience wants to hear. They don't try too hard to convert sinners.

    NRA is about the same. Same old thing, all the time. Got a call a few days ago and the guy was my buddy when asking for money to stop the inevitable slide into darkness, and other such drama terms. Same type of scare stuff that TV preachers do to get the old ladies to send their last dollar to their Rolex fund. The ILA used to mail me a thick envelope every two weeks, at whatever cost, just to tell me that without my IMMEDIATE contribution, life as we know it would end. It never did.

    I can promise you that they would get more money, and do more good, with an even-handed, calm, approach to this situation. But they won't.

    I also am concerned that the membership is about 1% of the American population. That amazes me. That's a lot of clout that they have to represent so few.

    Again, I belong. But I don't like their tactics and I don't like their ineffectiveness with those they need to be converting. They really, really need to make some drastic changes. But there is no one else right now. I still go listen to the Preacher even though I wish he'd sometimes change tactics, and I still belong to the NRA. But as a member of both, I get to offer suggestions, or should be able to.
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    Citizen can do very little by his self. Just the way it is. Join up.
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    Buckrub, I've read lots of your posts over time and have to say you're a very critical thinker. I like that. I get the impression that every single opinion you have is self formed after a lot of thought, research, and likely prayer. Need more folks like you. I agree with your above post entirely although I haven't been a long time member... Thanks for the heads up though:)

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