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  1. dkhern

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    saw lapiere on news. i thought h e made some good points. one thing he said that is getting lots of attention was that to stop a bad man with a gun takes a good man with a gun. lots are saying more guns are not the answer. i can respect an opposing view and would like to ask one question....

    if you were unarmed and faced a gunman wanting to murder people (not armed robbery) what do you think would be your best response? serious question
  2. CBD

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    Interesting question, I can't wait to read some of the answers!

  3. Ekspurt

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    Kill him any way you can as quickly as you can. The human body is really quite fragile if you know what you're doing. You just need to get close enough and willingness to take a hit may be required in order to save lives. Remember the two knuckle rule: You have to bury your thumbs to the second knuckle through the eye sockets to hit brain.
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    anyone can give an honest answer. but i don't think anyone would know what to do untill they are put in that situation. untill then it's just all talk.
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    shriek like a woman, wet myself and hope in the shock and confusion that I can make an escape.
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    Man made the most valid point you can make. Very few people who own guns are the bad folks! Do you not find it ironic that some of the more liberal types screaming the loudest to do away with guns and keep them out of the bad man's hands are some of the very ones who would be screaming the loudest for someone good with a gun in hand to come & protect their right to be liberal!
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    I love how he said we protect out money, our govt officials, our federal buildings, the president - everything valuable is guarded with guns

    but Liberal Democrats won't let us guard our children
  8. In answer to your question...

    Assuming he's in the same room and retreat/flight is not an option....

    Throw something large and heavy. (a child's school desk might do the trick) and be right behind it moving fast. If he flinches hard, ducks, or tries to bat it away it may give you a chance to reach him before he can reorient his weapon on you.

    No, I don't think this is a great idea or the best choice if running is an option, but it would be the heck out of begging on your knees while he capped one off in your head at close range.
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    If I had my wife and kids, my first response would be to protect them first. I think though in order to get a good answer you might wanna set the scene.
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    It wouldn't have mattered if the NRA had promised to provide a personal bodyguard to every child and elderly person in America for free. The main stream media has decided that its time for another push against our gun rights and they will not be stopped by the truth.

    Another idiot on a rampage today in Pennsylvania today? It isn't going to help in this news cycle either.

    It is almost like there is a script unfolding right now.... I'm just saying. Obummer and his crony's couldn't ask for a more "scripted" series of events to use as ammo against gun owners. Its crazy.

    Miketyson26 :flag:
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    didnt want what would do answerd no one knows till faced w/it wanted ideas for best/most approprate responce
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    Yeah, nothing's going to appease them now except something to do with a gun-ban. There minds are already made up.