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Now it gets good!

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This time of the year is way underrated IMO. Very few Hunters and the deer are easy to pattern. Find food...find deer. I'm actually in Zone 16 gun hunting out of my big comfy stand wishing I were in my climber with my Martin. I almost grabbed my bow this morning but I thought I would give this big buck one more time to show.

I'm ready to Muzzy up
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I'll be out Saturday, Monday, and maybe Friday. Haven't decided on Friday, depends of my son wants to go or not.
I totally agree!!! I have all of next week off, can't wait to get back in the stand with a bow in my hand!!!!
I am off Friday to Wednesday. Going to try and get another with my Athens. Good luck everyone.
I used to hate hunting this time of year. Hunted alot of public land for years and it was tough. But now 2 yrs in a row ive killed good bucks on the last days of gun season. Late season/post rut has been good to me the last couple of years. Been seeing a ton of deer lately.
I'm giving it a shot too. I saw nothing this am but jumped two bucks while walking back. I found their acorn tree and I'm ready to back and stick one!
Scouted this morning on a 150 acre tract that a friends family owns. Mostly hardwood and creek bottoms. Found a pretty open spot with plenty of acorns. Shouldn't even have to do any trimming. Lost of sign. Going to put a stand up tomorrow and a corn feeder for the heck of it. There were several good places. I really need to invest in a climber for nest season.
If ther are acorns and sign I'd leave the feeder at home.
Gettin' good

I would rather hunt this time of the year than any other; alot of people just don't get out there and one can have the woods to their own selves; the woods are as open as they will ever be at this time; just love that "crunching" sound that a deer makes in the woods wlaking on all of the leaves; what a rush when I hear that...................rem
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