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  1. I did not see a bird, squirell, armodillo NOTHING. There was not a thing moving in the woods today. I sat from 945 till dark and NOTHING. :banghead: I do have to say it is getting pretty old going hunting and not seeing anything.
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  3. That's what I call dedicated!!
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    Maybe you should try some new areas. Just look at some different scenery and take a break from your normal stomping grounds. I get burnt out too, but if I go somewhere different once in awhile it usually helps.
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    I saw 8 from about 4:45pm to dark this evening driving home.
  6. well, today was a new spot. Same ol same ol, Lots of night pics and no day pics. The worst part is riding the rzr out the spot I bet I seen 20+ deer in the fields. On other peoples land of course. I'm not getting burnt up just frustrated. I love hunting even if its just sitting there looking at the leaves in the wind. I have being inside so hunting is good for me, lol. Just wish I could kill a deer before the year is over :banghead:
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    I am going to my new spot next week. Starting Sunday. I am hunting close to a swamp. Maybe kill a "Swamp Donkey":wink:... I am gonna do mid day hunting. Son has basketball tournament next week in Cabot.. I did not see anything this morning.
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    yeah same here..i sat all of the daylight hours today except from 10:30-12 and didn't see a deer. I'm blaming it on the moon
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    I sure hope you kill a deer soon so you'll stop whining. LOL
  10. me too :fit:
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    I got daytime pics now....:whistle: