Nothin worse than a theif!

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by duckboy32, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. duckboy32

    duckboy32 Well-Known Member

    Had me a game camera 2 days ago, now someone else has it. What is it with this time of year and people stealing stuff. Im not accusing anyone on here of stealing it, but if ya did, please just clean the card so i dont see who you are and put it back up. thanks! Hope ya'll have a Merry Christmas!
  2. aahunting

    aahunting Well-Known Member

    I took mine down last week. I thought about the possibility of theft and figured people would be a bit more brazen about crossing property lines and seeing them, or just more brazen about theft period knowing that few people would be in the woods. Sorry about your loss. I know how it feels to be the victim or theft and unfortuanately it is way too common these days.

  3. duck

    duck Well-Known Member

    What is sad is, The people who are stealing them are hunters in the woods like us. The only thing, they are sorry slob hunters that need shot and left to lay for the coyotes.
  4. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
  5. JB Weld

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    We need to start a good rumor about decoy cameras that are booby trapped to explode just enough to blow off a finger or two. It wont stop all thieves, but it might stop a few. :up:
  6. duckboy32

    duckboy32 Well-Known Member

    ive got 8 of those booby trapped cameras, they just happened to steal the real one, lol
  7. Buckrub

    Buckrub Well-Known Member

    We used to lose our firewood from camp (cut, split, stacked, just for the thieves' benefit).

    Then we painted the ends of 'em red. Never had another loss.
  8. I had a feeder handing up between two trees on a rope and someone climbed the tree and cut the rope and stole my feeder. I've never put out another feeder or camera where I hunt because of the cost in buying for someone who doesn't want to work to get their own, they just steel someone's who is honest. By the way , a man close to Fordyce several years ago put pipe bombs on his deer stand and got caught. He got in trouble by the law. I wouldn't suggest anything to hurt someone.
  9. jpsimmons45

    jpsimmons45 Well-Known Member

    I know how you feel. I had my camera stolen about 2 weeks ago. Not only did they steal my camera (which was lag bolted to a tree) they tore up my feeder. I use the On Time feeders. They pulled the timer out of the body, clipped the wires, and smashed the timer. Good stuff. I would have rather they just went ahead and stole the feeder instead of just destroying it.
  10. BIG JIM

    BIG JIM Select Member<br>Ol Eagle Eye

    I hope you get it back. Maybe the sorry :censored::censored: piece of :censored: will bring mine back too.
  11. bottomlands

    bottomlands Well-Known Member

    X2!!! Yes it's sad we can't enjoy the hobbies love so much for all the freakin theives now days!!!
  12. Saltydog

    Saltydog Well-Known Member

    Ash Flat
    can those exploding paint bags be bought by the general public?
    You know.... those things that the bank puts in stolen money?
    If so, someone needs to sell one that can be secured to the back of the camera.... between the camera and tree. When a thief pulls it away they get coated in that non-removable paint. According to a LEO buddy of mine - that stuff don't wash off, it's got to "wear" off..... he said the jailbirds sport that paint for several weeks after they have been caught. :fit:

    RAZOR_DEER Well-Known Member

    Some lowlife stole my Son in Laws brand new stands in the past couple of weeks. It is the only one I dont have a 3/4" cable around. UGH!
  14. me and my son were headed to our ground blind opening weekend only to find it long gone.....hates a thief.......
  15. GotPork

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    Wouldn't ya like to catch em!!!!:mad: I HATE a dang thief.....and what the can but a cheap one nowdays for $75. We all work our butts off to buy stuff for our love of huntin only to have a piece of crap come strollin along, tresspassing, and take somethin!! Hacks me off to think about it!!
  16. horngrower

    horngrower Well-Known Member

    I had some nice outstanding citizens drive a truck and trailer years ago into a foodplot and take 2 feeders, my stand l, 22-250 and a camera. This was about 5 years ago. I'm still waiting on them to bring them back. I had left for lunch and was coming back so I left everything in box blind. I hope the gun blew up on them as my stand they stole fell over with them in it and the camera caught it all
  17. Levia07

    Levia07 Well-Known Member

    Just went and checked my camera and had the back end of a 4-wheeler on one picture. Even though there isn't suppose to be anyone out there I'm just glad they didn't steal my camera. I will be looking for a yellow 4-wheeler around the area now!
  18. roper44

    roper44 New Member

    I have had my deer camp trailer broken in Malvern over 8000.00 in hunting equipment stolen offering 2500 dollar reward to catch the sorry sobs
  19. realhunter

    realhunter Well-Known Member

    I'll hunt your land...if you don't post it properly. But I will never take anything from anyone. I hate thieves! Waste em if you catch em! Leave em lay or burry em! Your choice
  20. ron mashburm

    ron mashburm Well-Known Member

    Leave a note inside the camera telling him or her it is wireless ,that there are 2 other cameras in the area and how wireless works.
    It works like this: the camera takes a picture and immediately saves it to its own sd card, then it transmits the picture to the black box (which is hidden within 250 ft. of the camera) where it is stored for a second time. Why is this so important? Well, if a thief steals your camera, you will still have every picture that the camera took. In effect, you should have pictures of the thief! All you need to do is retrieve the black box. Poor guy he may not sleep for a week wondering when you will knock on his door