Not the way I wanted to end my season...

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by ArkArcher, Jan 28, 2008.

  1. ArkArcher

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    :smack: Well, as some of you know, we had the group hunt planned for Saturday morning down at the meto...well due to the road conditions, it got canceled. Looking back, I am so glad it did!!! A friend and I had planned to leave at 2:30 from my house for the hunt....and I woke up at 3 sick to my stomach. So, I was laying in bed (or in the bathroom :smack:) from Saturday morning at 3 till Sunday at 1pm then too weak to even think about going on Sunday afternoon. Not the way I had pictured my season ending....but I'm sure glad this stomach thing didn't hit when I was a mile or so from the truck standing in knee deep water. :thumb: Hope you all had a fun, safe final weekend!
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    well i will join the club my wife was due her C-section monday:thumb: thatwould have been great if andrew could have wated we ended up having the baby on wed :frown: no more duck hunting for me this year but with all the family around i was able to go out sat pm for a little hunt got skunked but was nice piece and quit. can't wait till the boys get big enough to take:thumb: tired of friends flaking out at last minute:smack: