Not a bad squirrel hunt.

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    Me and my ten year old son decided to go squirrel hunting sunday morning instead of muzzleloader hunting. We took my old squirrel dog he is around 10 to not the best dog in the world but not the worst either. We only manged to kill 2 but it was no faught to the dog. I was letting my boy shoot he had his 20 guage but this is only the second time he has hunted with it he can hit a target that is standing still but is still learning on the moving ones. He was a little upset about not getting all of the ones we trees I told him it was fine even the best miss sometimes. I couldnt be happier with they he is starting to shoot he will get it one of these days with practices. Now back to the dog he made 9 trees in about a hour and a half. Four of which where dens and five sinlges but as I stated we couldnt connect on all of them two got in a nest and refuse to shoot one out of a nest it just dont seem ethical. Thanks for reading and here are a few Pictures.
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    Any day in the woods is a great day, specially when spent with your son and dog!! :thumb:
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    Thank you Mr. C. This is one of the only hunting sports my boy likes so We spent alot of fall weekends busting Tree rats.
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    Nice pictures and it looks like you guys had a good time.
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    Good looking dog.:up:
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    great dog box! would have never thought of that.
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    Thank you he is probally not as good of a dog as some. But he is a straight little squirrel dog. If you put him in squirrels he will tree them all day long for you. Easy handling he will do what ever you tell him to. Smart little guy.
    I think so to. I have had these two old barrels for about 13 years and my dad had them for 3 or 4 before I got them. The guy that made them used them for who knows how long before that and he was a big comp hunter owned some of the best Treeing walkers in the state back then. They are low maintenance and light weight. The only thing I have ever done is replace the board on the front. I coon hunt also and can put two grown hounds in each easily three if you want to stuff them. My wife hates them though thinks they are the uglist redneck thing she has ever seen as far as Dog Boxes go.
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    True statement Chitlin and yes....that is a great use for plastic drums.
  10. The Boy will cherish that hunt with his Dad 20 years from now. Great pictures.

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    Congrats, looks like time well spent.