North American Union to Replace USA?

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  1. North American Union to Replace USA?
    by Jerome R. Corsi

    President Bush is pursuing a globalist agenda to create a North American Union, effectively erasing our borders with both Mexico and Canada. This was the hidden agenda behind the Bush administration's true open borders policy.

    Secretly, the Bush administration is pursuing a policy to expand NAFTA politically, setting the stage for a North American Union designed to encompass the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. What the Bush administration truly wants is the free, unimpeded movement of people across open borders with Mexico and Canada.

    President Bush intends to abrogate U.S. sovereignty to the North American Union, a new economic and political entity which the President is quietly forming, much as the European Union has formed.

    The blueprint President Bush is following was laid out in a 2005 report entitled "Building a North American Community" published by the left-of-center Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR report connects the dots between the Bush administration's actual policy on illegal immigration and the drive to create the North American Union:

    At their meeting in Waco, Texas, at the end of March 2005, U.S. President George W. Bush, Mexican President Vicente Fox, and Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin committed their governments to a path of cooperation and joint action. We welcome this important development and offer this report to add urgency and specific recommendations to strengthen their efforts.

    What is the plan? Simple, erase the borders. The plan is contained in a "Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America" little noticed when President Bush and President Fox created it in March 2005:

    In March 2005, the leaders of Canada, Mexico, and the United States adopted a Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP), establishing ministerial-level working groups to address key security and economic issues facing North America and setting a short deadline for reporting progress back to their governments. President Bush described the significance of the SPP as putting forward a common commitment "to markets and democracy, freedom and trade, and mutual prosperity and security." The policy framework articulated by the three leaders is a significant commitment that will benefit from broad discussion and advice. The Task Force is pleased to provide specific advice on how the partnership can be pursued and realized.

    To that end, the Task Force proposes the creation by 2010 of a North American community to enhance security, prosperity, and opportunity. We propose a community based on the principle affirmed in the March 2005 Joint Statement of the three leaders that "our security and prosperity are mutually dependent and complementary." Its boundaries will be defined by a common external tariff and an outer security perimeter within which the movement of people, products, and capital will be legal, orderly and safe. Its goal will be to guarantee a free, secure, just, and prosperous North America.

    The perspective of the CFR report allows us to see President Bush's speech to the nation as nothing more than public relations posturing and window dressing. No wonder President Vincente Fox called President Bush in a panic after the speech. How could the President go back on his word to Mexico by actually securing our border? Not to worry, President Bush reassured President Fox. The National Guard on the border were only temporary, meant to last only as long until the public forgets about the issue, as has always been the case in the past.

    The North American Union plan, which Vincente Fox has every reason to presume President Bush is still following, calls for the only border to be around the North American Union -- not between any of these countries. Or, as the CFR report stated:

    The three governments should commit themselves to the long-term goal of dramatically diminishing the need for the current intensity of the governments’ physical control of cross-border traffic, travel, and trade within North America. A long-term goal for a North American border action plan should be joint screening of travelers from third countries at their first point of entry into North America and the elimination of most controls over the temporary movement of these travelers within North America.

    Discovering connections like this between the CFR recommendations and Bush administration policy gives credence to the argument that President Bush favors amnesty and open borders, as he originally said. Moreover, President Bush most likely continues to consider groups such as the Minuteman Project to be "vigilantes," as he has also said in response to a reporter's question during the March 2005 meeting with President Fox.

    Why doesn’t President Bush just tell the truth? His secret agenda is to dissolve the United States of America into the North American Union. The administration has no intent to secure the border, or to enforce rigorously existing immigration laws. Securing our border with Mexico is evidently one of the jobs President Bush just won't do. If a fence is going to be built on our border with Mexico, evidently the Minuteman Project is going to have to build the fence themselves. Will President Bush protect America's sovereignty, or is this too a job the Minuteman Project will have to do for him?

    Interesting video--



    Written Plan for all of this--

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    President Bush is pursuing a globalist agenda

    I am so sick of "President Bush" this and "President Bush" that... something as large as this requires a LOT more than one man - President or otherwise. This has been in the works for decades, with the largest bulk of the footwork being completed starting with GHW Bush (Bush Sr.). Clinton pushed it (by pushing for passage of, then signing NAFTA. The complete lack of border enforcement by the government as a whole (and the basic abandonment of the border fence by the legislative and executive branches) for the last 20 years is further evidence.

    This is just another step towards a Biblical end-times. One World Government becomes much more feasable when countrys have already surrendered the bulk of their sovereignty these smaller unions (see the EU for a "perfect" example.

    You want to stop it - good luck. But we can raise enough stink (despite the lies told to us by our own "respresentatives who do and will deny such a "union".
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    like Canada would do this anyway
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    What presidents need to understand is even though they are commander and chief, they don't know how to fly Apache helicopters. Would you like your coup with mustard or mayo?
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    (Old lady says with mean look) Where's the Fence!!!!!

    Those that listen to talk radio know what I mean. :wink:

    This is one reason not to have a fence. Don't you think? Could this be why the feds haven't gotten the fence down as they were mandated. :cool: :confused:
  6. And every bank and major business in the country has dual speaking phone messages when you call them, not to mention all the other crap that has Spanish on it. For the life of me, I get sick of having to listen to some extra spanish crap when I call some business for something. We live in America, this is a English Speaking country, SPEAK ENGLISH. I guess its all conditioning us, right?
  7. i still get pissed off everytime i go to the atm and you have to choose english to spanish, and God help you if you accidently press spanish because it takes forever to get your card out and start over

    Someday they will probably be dispensing pesos instead of dollars
  8. amero's:thumb:
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    NE Ark
    I think ole John sums it up best... :thumb:

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    History may prove me wrong, and if so; so be it.... but I gotta throw the BS flag on that whole concept!!!

    As far as the "Press 1" issue... I am in total agreement!! I have to take a Spanish course this spring in order to "better serve my community". Well, for my whole life I've spoken the same old way I do now and never felt a need to change it..... granted, I can stand to tone it down a bit in certain company; but I never felt the "need" to change the entire language in which I spoke.
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    Snyde, I used to be the same way. G. Gordon Liddy had this all over his show for a while. And I thought the same.

    But ask yourself this.

    Why is our president in Turkey, today, to encourage them to join the EU? An Arab country in the EU?????

    And this week will be going to Isreal to ask them to give up more land to the palestinians. For a true christian, that is blasphemy. President or not.

    You can't tell me Bush wouldn't give this country away like he is having everyone else do. We don't have a fence, and I believe that is the first step.
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    CJ I have been thinking the same thing.
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    Check out link

    Why is it that everyone believes every email they get....

    Hey, I just killed the new world record whitetail buck.
    He green scored 401 1/8. You know it is true because you read it on the internet.
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    Just because snopes says it's false doesn't mean anything. Have you ever heard of "classified". I suppose that if we saw a top secret military plane, and snopes investigated it... they would get clearance to publicize it??? :rolleyes:

    Snopes didn't mention anything about the documents that are on record from the senate, that were not released with the freedom of information act as requested by the citizens. They were purposely denied access to several hundred documents of a "Sensitive nature"
  15. This isn't some email running around. And those think tanks you mentioned, some were created by some very high connected people, David Rockefeller comes to mind. We all have the choice to believe or not. When the media is controlled and they have a agenda, and the financial side is controlled and I am talking all the major banking, things could get ugly quick.

    Interesting interview--

    Also I noticed I messed up the first links