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I'm not sure there are any definite limits or requirements for B&C, but most people just want it scored however it comes out with the best score. Here's an example from one I have on file---- a rack with only one small nontypical point (1 3/8) Typical B&C netted 133 1/8. Scored as nontypical, it would net 135 7/8. Buckmasters score (which does not include spread) is 124 5/8, Buckmasters composite score (which DOES include spread) is 141 7/8. Now, which score would you like??????? It's the same rack. For contest purposes, most will use look at the percentage of the B&C minimum book score. For example, this deer, scored as a typical, is 78.3% of the B&C minimum. (133.125/170) As a non-typical, it is 70% of the B&C minimum of 195. For contest purposes, it should be scored as a typical, since it would rank higher in percentage for a typical. In the Buckmasters system (I am an official scorer for Buckmasters) there are NO deductions, and there are four categories. Perfect, typical, semi-irregular, and irregular. Where the rack places depends entirely on the percentage of non-typical antler. For example, if a rack has no non-typ points and has the same number of points on each side, it's classified as perfect. From 1-5.5% is typical, 5.6-10% is semi-irregular, and more than 10% is irregular. There's no need to guess where it falls--it's cut and dried. A non-typical point is any point that does not come off the top of the main beam, or any point that appears where one would not normally occur.
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