nocturnal hogs?

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  1. family has pics of hogs but only at night time. Any advice on how to get them out is some daylight? Really want to stick an arrow in one.
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    Good luck, on my place I get many pics of hogs all at night. I have managed to kill two this year that I found in the daylight. The come to the feeders at night, but never there in the daylight. The two I killed were in the woods feeding on acorns. Good luck hunting them.

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    give me a call i can take care of dim hogs. one call thats all:}
  4. may want to change your feeder timer to go off in the middle of the day. now that its cold they will move a lot more to stay warm. once they figure out the food is not there after dark, better chance of them coming in the day. also keep your 4 wheeler away from the feeder.
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    x2 or call me up and let me come along and i'll bring my night vision:up:
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    Turn some dogs on them you will see them
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    Private property, 308, corn, spotlight, pig, bacon.
  8. at night time with the RZR and a spot light they are not hard to find. I just really want to get one with the bow. I don't have a feeder out there they are just tearing up the land. BAD. No one is seeing them during the day and the trail cam pics are ALL at night. They trap them and everything else. I just really want to get one with the bow. But I have no clue how to get them out during the day.
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    I thought about trying to shoot one with the bow while someone else holds the spotlight, but dont have access to private property right now. When I did, we could get 20-25 yards from the hogs most of the time, but after a few times they dont hang around long when the light comes on. We never saw them in daylight either, until it gets cold. I would think they would be out during the day now, unless they are really pressured.
  10. I would not consider them pressured at all. We don't hunt them really at all. We mostly just trap. Everyonce in awhle when they get to bad we go out and hunt them with the spot light but we have not done that in a long time. But we still are not getting any day time sightings.
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    In really cold weather the ground will freeze at night and they tend to stir more during the day as it warms up. Same with armadillos. I have always had my best daytime luck on days like today.