No Surprise!!!

Discussion in 'Razorbacks' started by BuzzBait, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. BuzzBait

    BuzzBait Well-Known Member

    Well it's official...D-Mac is headed to the pros.....:frown:
  2. Yep, I heard it on Fox radio this morning going duck hunting. The good news is that they did not mention Felix's name. Keep your finger crossed that Monday he will tell us he is staying for his senior year.:cross:

  3. zane

    zane Well-Known Member

    This might surprise some people................

    He is projected to go in the First Round!!!!!:thumb:
  4. fatrat

    fatrat Active Member

    they said he could go #1 they also said that he the best rusher this year and can take punt returns and kickoffs that makes it even better for him. So he may go #1. I also heard that the Qb from Michigan is looking to transfer he was here this week. anybody heard that?
  5. BuzzBait

    BuzzBait Well-Known Member

    Yea Ryan Mallet was here on a visit...Looks like he will probably go to Tennesse....
  6. JR

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    I just hope DMAC will not let all of that money go to his head. I hope that he remembers where he came from and how hard he has had to work to get where he is at today. Congratulations DMAC.
  7. Gary R

    Gary R Well-Known Member

    His dad said that he hasn't decided anything, and no papers submitted. Has until Tuesday................ just wait and see (remember that one CDL?). He can come back for one more year, and still drive his mom's Esculade.:biggrin:
  8. retnuhreed

    retnuhreed Well-Known Member

    Wally Hall said in Sunday's paper that the trouble he's gotten himself into will hurt him with the NFL. Who knows?
  9. Gary R

    Gary R Well-Known Member

    Not enough trouble to keep him out of the top 5. Depending on the team needs........... I just don't understand why, if he is going pro, to wait to announce. Nothing to gain by waiting. Just keep driving that Esculade.