No such thing as country folk anymore

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  1. hillbillycycles

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    Man, southern Stone county in the 1970's. Gravel roads, party lines, and freedom. There was only one guy in a very large area that had his property posted and he was considered the biggest jerk around.

    My sisters, buddies and I played in the creek "at the bottom of the hill." Could camp on the creek, fish, hunt, etc. without anyone getting excited or looking for us. Listened to the owls and whippoorwills in the evenings. We didn't have a lot, but we weren't starving to death and had enough free time to grow up country.

    Flash forward to about the year 2000 and my nephew and I tried to ride atv's to the creek. We were stopped by a locked gate and posted signs. My response was, "The road is paved most of the way, but the gate is locked and most of the trees have been cut down. I am not sure this is progress."

    However, I was walking the dog in the back yard right at daylight this morning and smelled the blooming honeysuckle. Along with everything else I have going on (see my graduation post) I got just a bit misty eyed.

    I have come to the conclusion there are only two blessings we really get. Time and people. The people are the truest blessings and the time we get to spend with them is never enough. Everything else is just fluff.
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  2. crappieitis

    crappieitis Well-Known Member

    I'm lucky to live in town most folks never heard of on a road most folks could never find!
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  3. Vern Humphrey

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    Which creek in South Stone County? If it's Lick Fork Creek, I can see the Long Hole from my front porch.
  4. Luv2hunt

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    When I’m trying to give directions to my house, many people tell me “don’t worry, I’ll just put it in my gps”. I tell em to right ahead but they gps don’t know how to get to my house either.
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  5. hillbillycycles

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    You are to the west of where I grew up. You are north of Fox if I remember correctly.

    I grew up on Raccoon Creek (Coon Creek to the locals), with 'Possum Walk creek, Five Mile Creek and others feeding into it and eventually into the lake. Spent a lot of time on Beech Fork as well.

    Good times, good times.
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  6. Vern Humphrey

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    I know right where you were. Great country and great times.

    Me, in those long ago times, I lived in Independence County on the old Circle H Ranch at Pleasant Plains.
  7. hillbillycycles

    hillbillycycles Well-Known Member

    Was the Circle H down Hwy 157 or 87? I can't remember.

    My father in law has 80 acres east of Pleasant Plains right on hwy 157. He wants my wife and I to move up there in a few years but we don't know just yet if that will happen.
  8. Vern Humphrey

    Vern Humphrey Well-Known Member

    The Circle H was off of 167. As you're coming into Pleasant Plains from the north. just before the bypass, you'll see Humphrey Drive. Take Humphrey Drive to where it now ends, and you'll be there. Dad had 3500 acres.
  9. Dave57

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    I do not even have an address to give them anyway. Pick my mail up at the post office box. Mailman was worse than curdog.
  10. giveout

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    Mine is the same way.

    I grew up in south west Faulkner county. Near Conway. You wanna talk about change. That daygum place has blowed up. There is a school and Walmart where I used to hunt. Pavement all the way to my folks house. Golf courses apartments plumb damn disheartening. I moved to Perry county so deep in the woods we gotta pump in sunshine just to get away from all that nonsense. It sure was a good place to grow up
  11. John Stiles

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    Crank style phones in the beginning, my grandmaw ran the switch board, when the bigole heavy black dial up phones came out, and the 4 old biddy gossips on our party line, and having to go a few miles to the post office to get our mail.....bout the only modern things I can remember was the Rock Island line, and Dokes' Drug Store where we bought "Flips" later called snow cones, and penny boxes of matches. P/s A 6oz coke was a nickle.
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  12. crappieitis

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    Talk about funny I remember my grandmother telling stories about the party line gossip where 6 people shared a line two of them would be talking... One of the people that was Sneakin listen to the others conversation would get so comfortable they would forget it wasn't their call and start to speak
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  13. John Stiles

    John Stiles Ultimate Member 2007 Team Turkey Contest Winner

    I would tell them to get off, then they’d say; you get off, we were here first, and I’d say; my wife’s having a baby....roflmao!
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  14. rhpierce

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    Have a friend that lives in Conway County...when I first met him in the late 80's, we could leave his grandfather's back porch and hunt pretty much in any direction about as far as we wanted. Or drive to any number of places, park the truck and just start walking. Hunted a place that had a herd of wild horses; owner didn't care that you walked through to hunt, just don't mess with the horses. Up and over a ridge and down into one of the most beautiful little hollers with a great creek that fed into the Cadron...went back a few years later...that area was cutover, road pushed, and messed up.

    Fished out of a little 12-foot johnboat..."Old Leaky"...and paddled it everywhere...I don't think I could even get in a 12-foot jon now without tipping it over...much less paddle it on Brewer or Overcup or any of 100 other places and two people fish out of it...

    Go up into the hills and stop into stores to get a Coke, people wouldn't even hardly talk to me because I wasn't from there. Wooden screen doors with push bars that made that unique "bang" when they shut...paint finally worn off the doors after about fifty years...

    My Lab retrieved her first duck in a little flooded field off a creek in the middle of nowhere hunting with him. Gadwall hen.

    He had a party line that he shared with his grandmother and grandfather among others...his first wife used to hate his grandmother listening in and then acting like she'd just gotten on there and didn't just hear the last 10 minutes' worth of talk...

    Had a whole lot less money - almost none - but made a lot of good memories.

    Now I don't think we could go hardly anywhere without finding posted signs, paint, or other things in our way.
  15. Vern Humphrey

    Vern Humphrey Well-Known Member

    A good deal of that is because of the way people treat other people's property. I've had a donkey shot, and a gate left open -- took me three days to find my horse. My gates are locked now.
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  16. willfred219

    willfred219 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunate truth is most things change for a reason and it’s usually necessity
  17. lilturkeyhunter

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    Used to be a place on Piney Creek you could go and have a nice day of it. White sand, deep hole. The owners did not mind folks being there. Then one week, in the local weekly paper, there was an announcement stating the place was posted and tresspassers would be ticketed. I knew the family so I asked why. The older lady cried when she told me. She said people had been busting glass bottles and sticking the shards in the sand. She also said she was afraid someone would get cut or hurt because of the glass. She and her family went to clean up the sand every Monday, but they could not keep the mess under control. So they closed it.
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