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Discussion in 'Huntin' Dogs' started by Papagayo, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. Papagayo

    Papagayo New Member

    I bought my mt. cur at 8 weeks old he is now 10 months old. I do not have papers on him. The man I bought him from said that he would send me the papers, but after 4 calls to him and 4 promises he still has not sent the papers.

    Is there another way that I might be able to register him?
  2. damlockman

    damlockman Well-Known Member

    He can be single registered through NKC as a "Treeing Cur" it is not hard to do and cost $15 if I remember correctly.

  3. arc3162

    arc3162 Well-Known Member

    depending on which kennel club he is registered through you might be able to contact them and complain. I am not sure if it will get you the papers you were promised or not, but it couldnt hurt to try and let them know that someone is selling dogs and using their kennel club as a selling point and then not giving out papers.