No luck on the varmint call.

Discussion in 'Predators, Varmints, and Hogs' started by Rebel, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. Rebel

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    Made an attempt at calling up a critter this evening. No luck but I know they are there from game cam pics and the pile of coyote crap in my pile of rice bran. I did have some squirrels barking in the distance and progressed towards me but didnt see anything. Got dark on me though. Any suggestions or advice?
  2. btech29

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    I tried one stand tonite too. Sometimes its just tough. Aint no rhyme nor reason to those suckers.

  3. SR4

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    I had a yote come thru this evening on the bow stand. He only got within about 75 yards. I tried a squeeker but he wouldn't have anything to do with it. Maybe next time.
  4. juma01

    juma01 Active Member

    I think that they are still full of mice, at least in my area. I almost sat down on a snake monday so if they are still out I'm sure rodents are easy catching too. Seems like I have more luck with a howl than anything else but I'm new at this.
  5. cacheman

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    I've never seen a coyote, or have pictures on a game cam, but at night it sounds like there are lots of them around. Is there a good chance to get one in with a decoy and a mechanical call, just because they are in the area. I've never coyote hunted before, but want to try, especially since we are having a slow year for ducks.
  6. i made 3 stands today and nothing. a coon did make the mistake of coming by me though