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  1. For the people whose children were murdered there will be no consolation. Even after prayers they will hurt just as badly and feel just as empty. There is not any lasting comfort that can be offered to these parents. After the hubbub has died down, the condolences and cards stop coming, the indescribable pain of the absence of that child will remain.

    It will get some better with time, but even after years something will trigger that grief and it will be as if it just happened. Loss such as this is like having one leg shorter than the other. Every step is a reminder. It will always be just beneath the surface. I'll see or hear something and grief of an indescribable nature will just melt me with tears. This will afflict these bereaved parents also. Those little arms will not be around your neck any more though you can almost feel them.

    The emptyness cannot be filled. They, me or you can get busy with work or activities but when you get quiet and still the emptyness reminds you it has not been filled. I wish I could say that God takes it all away but he doesn't. He will comfort you with his word and his spirit but the scars will always be there. Like it or not pain is just as much a part of life as joy.

    Those other of you on this forum that have had children taken know what I am describing.

    One of the greatest lying words ever coined in the English language is the word closure. It's a word invented by someone that hoped against hope that such a thing as closure could actually happen.

    Every person has a special room in their heart for friends, acquaintances and loved ones. No one else can ever occupy that room. Death does not remove that room. It will always remain and you will always return to visit these rooms again and again.

    These living victims can continue to exist and draw some measure of enjoyment from life and other loved ones, but after being stricken by the loss of a child they will never ever be the same again. Love and care for the loved ones that remain will help keep them going. I feel for them and do not envy them the hard days ahead.

    You shouldn't outlive your child and when you do it just seems your purpose for existence has dissipated like the morning fog. God only can get you through this nightmare that won't go away.
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    there are thousands killed by drunk drivers, impaired drivers, stupid drivers etc every year .... nobody calls for banning cars, and there is no consolation for them either

  3. Our daughter, Joanna15, was killed by a drunk driver.
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    Clawmute the love you have for the Lord is nothing less than amazing. I am honored to have read your wonderful words. I have heard many a sermons on faith yours is right there at the top brother. I rejoice in my heart for the day you and your child are reunited. Honestly, if no other children had to die whether it be murder,diseases or accident I would forsake all of my freedoms for that cause.
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