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    After the presents were unwrapped and the dishes were cleaned up, the family had things they wanted to go do, so I slipped off for a couple of stands this afternoon. Got on my first stand about 3:15 with a strong north wind in my face. After 15 minutes and no takers, it was time to move. I decided I would go back and try a cattle pasture that borders about 600 acres of cropland, that Chris and I have had a big dog giving us the blues for the last 2 years. Last season we could see him out in the middle of the farmland but he wouldn't respond other than to sit out there and bark at us. This area is very open with no cover for approach except getting in behind the Corp of Engineers levee and hope the dogs ain't on that side. We called this spot about 7 days ago and had seen this dog out in the pasture with cows but he was about 800 yds out with no cover and no way to close the distance before calling. He never came in close enough for a shot that evening. This evening would prove to be different and shows how changing tactics pays off at times. It's about 4:15 when I arrive approaching this area from a different direction today. Wind was in my favor with a slight crosswind now. I was setup in the pasture where we had seen him days before sitting on the ground with my back against a gate post. I started with DSG cottontail. About 20 minutes into the stand, I'm glassing some geese about 3/4 mile out when I pick up this dog parelling my position. I shift into position hoping he would hear my call but he never did and just disappeared into thin air. I had lost him and didn't know where he went. I muted the call at 24 minutes and decided to sit this one out til dark. It's getting dark now and decide to howl a little. I start with pup howls about 5 minutes apart and nothing. Next I go to a lone howl, 5 minutes apart again, still nothing. :frown: It's getting really late now and I'm ready to call it. I decide to give it one more try with the lone howl before getting up. Within 30 seconds of this last howl, I see him coming at a fast clip from across the pasture, straight crosswind of me. I quickly shoulder my Whizzer, he checks up at 100 yds, and he was DRT.:thumb: He turned out to be a nice size male at 35 lbs. This hunt will go down as one of my most memorable ones.
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    That a boy! Well done. :up:

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    Congrats sound like you had a great time.
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    I'm glad you got him. That one is one of the most educated ones on the hunting grounds. Merry Christmas. :thumb:
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    looks like a nice yote Allstar, congrats.

  6. sounds like you had fun. Nice yote, congrats.
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    Allstar -

    Sounds like fun. I grew up about 69 due south of PB and go down to Dermott occasionally so it sounds like I should take my Savage .223 and e-caller next time. There were a lot of rabbits and field mice/rats on ditch banks and waterways infields then for yotes to feed on and it does not appear to have changed much down there over time.

    Glad you diversified your calling and figured out a way to take an educated coyote!