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    Was hunting a really pretty pin-oak flat that I hadn't hunted in a while...the owner had been there regular, and he said have a ball..........walking in yesterday morning, I make it within 50 yards of the stand, and there is a lone deer, maybe 30 yards the otherside of the stand, I couldn't see horns, but am standing in ankle deep water and no where to drop my rain jacket I was carrying, so No shot, but thought maybe this will be a good day..........

    Sat from about 0700...long walk and I was taking my time thinking I might get a shot slipping in...... till almost noon, and saw a truckload of tree rats, but not a hair of a deer! We took a break and ate a bite and I got back on the same stand about 1500..........

    With the wind swirling and the funky weather, it was beginning to look like another dry hole day, till about 1630, when I caught a glimpse of white in some switch cane that had grown up along an old fence row....then I saw another glimpse of white behind the first...white as in Horn!! They were in the thick stuff and I could tell it was two bucks, so I picked out an opening where they would cross if they kept coming that direction...I had left my binos in the truck, so I had cranked the scope up to 9X to check em out..........they both stepped into the opening at 100 yards, about 5 foot apart, and the 7pt was in the lead, the other was a 4 or maybe a 6pt, but smaller.....grabbed my ps (portable sandbag..a towel wrapped in Camo duct tape):biggrin:, settled in on his shoulder, as he was feeding, he raised his head, and I dropped the hammer!! You know what happened next, huge smoke cloud and all I could see was 2 white-tails leaving back the direction they had come was 1645 then.....I called my buddy Donnie on the radio and told him what was up, was gonna reload and go look for blood, but not really expecting to find any, but was gonna look before it got too dark!!

    I reloaded, crawled down, and stepped to the front corner of the stand, and stopped to put a cap on the rifle, when I looked up to see a doe at about 30 yards, needless to say she got a reprieve.she was gone before I could get on her:biggrin:

    I was walking out to where the deer was when I shot, there was a blow down between me and that spot, and as I got to about 20 yards, I could see the white horns and white belly!! I was really surprised when I didn't see an entrance wound on the shoulder...........

    Then I saw it, a nice sweet 50 cal hole ...RIGHT BELOW HIS RIGHT EAR......I wish I could have seen the look on my face, cause it definitely would have been a Kodak Moment!!!!!!:up: Cause that was definitely NOT where I was aiming:whistle:

    I got on the radio and called Donnie, and he said Charles was headed to with the wheeler. While waiting, I checked it with my range finder, and it was 100 yards...on the nose!!!

    I think my scope might be off a little, Donnie thought I was BS'ing about the head shot, he said I was probably shooting at the other end, cause a few weeks ago, he had made a Texas Heart Shot himself..........the rest is History!!

    I'll remember this kill for a long time....100 yard head shot on a buck, with a smoke pole!! on second thought I might not re-zero the scope!!!!!!!


    Me (on the left) my new pup Midnight and my old running buddy Donnie......and you can see the exit wound...Sorry if I offend anyone with the blood!
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    sounds like you had blast. :thumb:
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    Good job there. Nice story also.
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    U supose to just say u head shot it show the picture evidence and not tell nobody u was aiming at shoulder. My dad did this once with a rifle while he had my cousin with him. 400 yrd head shot. Never told my cousin he was aiming at shoulder and now every time the cuz tells the story daddy just smiles. After cuz leaves he will fess up. Lol
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    If the scope is on, you may have tipped a twig or something. What ever......good shot! :thumb:

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    Thanks guys!

    Shotgun..just depends on who I'm telling the story too, and if Donnie is around!!!!:biggrin::whistle:
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    Lol that's right ain't nothing better than pulling a buddys leg for I don't know 10 20 years lol
  9. Does He have a hammer in his hand about to hit you Bill??:fit:
  10. i have read a lot of HG's post and he seems like a good ole tough guy, and I have a hard time with him holding that fuzzy little dog

    nice deer:thumb:
  11. He has a soft side!!:fit:
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    One of my favorite things about hunting is how it goes from 0 to 60 in a flash. One moment you are debating leaving and the next you have a trophy on the ground. Awesome!
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    now thats a hard core deer dog ya got there....nice deer though, congrats

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    It would have been an easier shot!!!:fit::fit::fit:

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    I had an ex that I had gotten a Pom for her...if that puppy could have talked, she'd tell ya who she belonged! Anyway, I got attached to the little thing and have missed the pup a lot more than the ex, been wanting one since we split and found one!!!

    Poms are little fur balls, but make really good companions!! this one reminds me a lot of the other one, the way she bounces around, and is funny as she can be....besides, she'll fit nice in my coat pocket for next years hunt!!:biggrin:
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    Don't lose any meat that way. :thumb: I just finished with the three deer that I killed sunday. I had three front shoulders with 270 caliber holes in them with bone fragments and blood clots on the inside. :whistle:

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    Am dropping the 4 hams and 3 shoulders I have off tomorrow morning, gonna have em ground and breakfast sausage and burger made!
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    Great story!! Congrats non the deer.
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    Congrats HG!!!:thumb: