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well, i finally bit the bullet so to say and spent the extra money for nitro co. shells. i was a little skeptical at first and then i shot them. all i can say is wow.

my gun is a benelli nova 12 ga with a mad max .660 turkey choke.

Old Ammo: Federal 3 1/2 in. #5, 2 oz
40 yards = 76 pellets in 10 in. cirlce (19 head/neck)

Nitro Co: 3 1/2 in. 4x5x7, 2 1/4 oz
40 yards = 245 pellets in 10 in circle (60 head/neck)

50 yards = 174 pellets in 10 in circle (34 head/neck)

as you can see, pretty considerable increase in performance.

just thought i would share my exciting results, come on spring!:thumb:

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I was wondering what the total count would be when I was talking to you last night. That is pretty impressive...:thumb: Call me if you want to borrow that Jellyhead choke and see if you can get a few more pellets there!!!:smack: Looks like that combo you've got might do the job pretty well! Come on April...
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