nine bucks in one bunch

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by SwampCat, Dec 27, 2010.

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    Yesterday eve my wife was hunting a foodplot where we have gotten a number of different buck pics on game cam but mostly at night. With about fifteen minutes of shooting light, nine different bucks walk out in the foodplot together. Everything from a button buck to a nine pt. Two of these deer probably score around 120. The camera took four picks while they were there showing four or five different bucks. She has already taken a nice deer this year so they all got a free pass. Not sure I could have done that. Do you consider it odd that nine bucks are running together now. She said a couple of them did spar a little but not serious.
  2. WillyB71

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    About this time of year it's all about food.

    Not much doe chasing going on in most places.

    They will start dropping horns pretty soon.

  3. scrapes all cleaned out. saw a decent 10 keeping a doe bedding in crp. depends on where your at.
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    I watched a buck chase a doe for fifteen minutes today at around 3:00 pm.
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    Down here in extreme se ar they are making scrapes and new rubs are appearing behind my house. Our prime rut is around thanksgiving and with so many does and several goods bucks gone, the ones that are left are searching. I think some of the left over does are coming in.
  6. seymore whitetail

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    Sounds like south Ar is the place to be right now! Nothing moving much up here in north Ar, at least where I've been hunting!:smack:
  7. I hunted this morning and afternoon in SE AR and didn't see the first deer today.
  8. havent seen hardley anything in far SW arkansas.. well, as i was driving out i saw what looked like an ok buck close to the road with the headlights... way after dark of course :smack::banghead: