Night Vision Goggles

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  1. Triple Threat

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    Does anybody know anything about Night Vision Goggles? I've always thought they would be cool to have. Sam's has some on their reduced for sale rack for about $116.

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    I've got a pair...1st generation......called NIGHT VISION, by NIGHT OWL OPTICS.........they are 2X magnification.............they are pretty good, but the newer models...I think 4th or 5th generation are much better, but much more exspensive........I use em some at work, sometimes a 'hot' connection will show up with them, and I use em deer hunting...kinda neat, before good seeing light, to look at an object and tell it is a deer, and be ready, before good shooting light:biggrin:

  3. I looked through a pair that a WO friend of mind has.....they are toooo cool!!:thumb: I think they'd be great for going out to a stand in the dark, wouldn't have to turn on a flashlight.
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    But I wouldn't want to run into a gw on the way out though.:shrug:
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    If I were going to get some and had the money I would look in to these.

    >>>>>>>>>>>J&K Outdoor Products makes about the best and most affordable night vision system I have seen short of millitary. It uses a goggle set with a video screen inside that shows what a UV camera is picking up on the front of the goggles. There is no "green mist" and works in complete darkness. They had a sealed tunnel that was completely black. I put on the goggles and they had set up 3d targets at the end. It is so clear that on a black pig target you could not only see the target rings, but the individual holes and marks on the target. Mind you...this was a black target. OK, now onto the cool/issue part:

    This camera can be attached to a scope. You look thru the goggles and see what the scope sees. How perfect is this for night time coyote hunting??? You would have to shoulder the bow and tilt your head away to aim it since you are not looking down the scope, but thru the goggles, but it is not as awkward as it sounds. Retail on the goggles is $549.00 and the scope attachment is $349.00 Here is the link: Not much info on it, but they are still working on the web.>>>>>>>>>>>>>