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I hunted a place with some folks once and I remember a couple of names: There's the Busch trail, named because someone had left a trail of beer cans to the stand, and there's the knee high sh:censored: t tree---where one of the hunters once had a bad case of the runs......

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Ours are:

The Corner

The Persimmon Patch

The Condo

The Trophy Stand (name says it all)

The Globe Trotter (rungs are so far apart that you need to be a pro NBA player to get up to it.)

Lots of memories in the last two stands listed...

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Russell's ridge
yellow bag stand
white bucket stand
General's ditch
pea patch
stick lake
sneak in
stink lake stand
The Hole
big ridge
Last Thursday of Nov stand
The gum tree stand

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The Back40
Hickory Hill
The Swamp
The Bottom tower
JM's stand
Ridge Road stand
Dickerson Bottoms
Cable road
Reynolds road
Island stand
wildbill's leaner
I am tired of thinking of them:thumb:

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The Arlington - as big as a hotel, my grandmother hated ladders so we built a huge set of stairs up to it, roof, walls, pee funnel and heater. She loved it and my sister and I would fight over who got to help her track her deer when she shot.

Missem - nuff said.

Circus Wreck - metal stand that an uncle painted with bright red, then covered with yellow and bright green spots, looks like a circus had a wreck was all my dad said the first time we saw it.

Crazy Lady - sisters stand, guys from an adjacent lease used to hunt the road alot and one day they ran dogs across the road shooting like crazy toward her area of the woods. She came running out of the woods screaming at them like crazy shooting in the air. That put an end to the road hunting in that area. Guy said there was some crazy lady in the woods.

Toilet Paper - Grandma's first stand, got it's name when she shot a buck and my sis was helping her track it. She wanted to know how we did it because we had never lost one. Sis told her to put a piece of TP on the ground every once in a while to keep track of the direction of the blood trail. After about 100 yards sis looked back and she had put a piece on every drop of blood, used nearly an entire roll of TP.

Boy what memories.

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HiTech Redneck....complete with a Sat TV dish:biggrin:

The Redneck Riviera......sitting on a high bank by an old river lake

Snaggy shack........doghouse blind on a 4ft high platform

The condo.........

the tripod.........

The yellow stob.......

Well.......the Condo on the River is now called..........the Condo IN the river.

My favorite of all our stands is the HiTech Redneck Stand.......well, it was a great stand as far as kills went......until a few weeks ago. Loggers came in and right now it looks like they dropped a bomb around it........maybe HG will post a picture of it. Looks bleak right now, but he and I are thinking positive about what we can do when the loggers move out and it dries up !!!!!

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The Hanging Tree
Silo Stand
The Ridge
Turkey Ranch
3S&T (any guesses as to why?---I'll be impressed if you know)
I've got one on our lease that I simply refer to as "My Place"

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The Paul Tract Stand, overlooking the "Valley of the Shadow of Death"

The Cotton Stand, had a big old cotton stuffed recliner in it, and the squirrels strowed the cotton everywhere.

Home, (check for another post with this title)

The West Side

The Pace City Road

Uncle Steve's Stand

The Well

The Hole

The Fencerow

The Garage

The Brown Stand

The Pink Carpet

The Purple Stand

The Red Clay Hill

Ben's Stand

The Tower

The Slippin' Stand

The Getback Stand, named after my papaw and Rico's papaw, brothers, had a dispute about a stand too close, and this stand was put up to "get back" at the other one:smack:

The Big Buck Stand

The Flying Squirrel

Snakeeye's Stand

The Gin

The Persimmon Tree Field

The Dirt Pile Field

The Big Top

Whew......:biggrin: BG12

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The Cotton Picker Stand, someone had driven cotton pickers in the tree years before

The Bobcat Stand, 4 bobcats have died there

The Crush Stand, we built it and the wind came and blew a big tree across it before we could hunt it so we built another there

The Pin Oak Flat, dad's stand. One of the most beautiful pin and willow oak flats in the bottoms. At one time you could see for 200 yards under the canopy, now it is about 100-150. More deer have died here than anywhere else on the lease

The Preachers Stand, this one is mine. I would bring preacher friends down to hunt and put them on it so they could kill a deer, and many did

The 'T', two wet weather sloughs connect here. Not hunted often but this is where you will find the 'in between' deer towards seasons end if it isn't flooded

Gum Springs, it sits across the river from Gum Springs. Now it could be called Connie's Stand since my wife hunts it every time she is in the woods

The North Line, The Front North, Michaels Stand (After a young man who died from Cancer at less than 25 years old), The Holly Tree, The Seven Point Stand, The Milk Crate Stand, Cantley's Stand, The Nook, The Crazy B:censored:hes Stand, not one of our members but we use it as a reference (she is in the adjacent club and she shoots all the time and over your head if you come past her, even on your own side of the line. That won't be happening again)

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Nose Bleed
Pond Stand
Hog Stand
Honey Suckle
Refrigerator Road
Red Line
Back Road
Panty Hose - no comment
Funeral Home
Rat Stand
Creek Stand
Each member has two stands on the lease. So most are names after the member and it's location as well.

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The Secret Stand
The Popsicle Stand
Tin Can Pile
Power Line
Gas Line
North 80
Ninja Turtle
The Cathouse
The Condo
Iron Gate

There are several others but these are the ones that I always know where, and who; folks are gonna be on.
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