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we got a couple:

The Crap Stand - my brother had a upset stomach one morning and could not make it down, so he had to do his business over the side of the stand. While having some relief a buck walked out and he shot it.

The Hill - big stand on top of a hill (pretty sure its the highest elevation point within a few miles) Many a buck his been dropped here. I can even claim a few of them

Duck Stand - sets on a slu bank and ducks will come in on you alot when its full of water.

The Point - Used to over look a clear cut, that they left a triangle shaped area of timber, so we had a stand on the point that stuck out the fartherest. Then they cut the triangle park and its the only pine tree for about 300 acres.

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We name our stands at our camp. With 35 members, you have to be able to tell them apart. Heres a few of our names:

Double Decker
The curve
Blue Wrap
Brown Wrap
Mad Squirrel (old and new)
Clay Road
Straight Stretch
Blue Line
Po' Boy
Gravel Road Stand
The Blind
Barrel stand
Bottom Stand

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Top Hat
Owls Nest
Fat Bottom Girl
Death From Above
Stairway to Heaven
Dove Field
Nose Bleed
69 (uh, used to be 'the number 9 stand', I inherited the spot when the owner quit the club and someone else renamed it for me) Kinda stuck.

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HiTech Redneck....complete with a Sat TV dish:biggrin:

The Redneck Riviera......sitting on a high bank by an old river lake

Snaggy shack........doghouse blind on a 4ft high platform

The condo.........

the tripod.........

The yellow stob.......

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My best one is "Richard's Point"

Richard died in 1992 and he hunted the point almost all of his 58 years. He knew more about deer hunting than any person I have ever met and he learned what he knew from being there and hunting.

He would feel sorry for me and let me on his point every now and then. I first hunted there with him in 1977 if I remember correctly. There are seven deer trails that cross the point and I can cover all seven when the leaves are off. There is a hickory tree on the point that I have killed 21 bucks from. My son killed a nice seven point there and now he wants to hunt it every-time he gets up here from Alabama. Also my local hunting buddy has killed several good deer there on "Richard's Point. :thumb:
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