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This is as nice of female that I have owned in some time. Due to loss of hunting territory, the right to retrieve law and age. Im done. I have bought, sold, traded coondogs for over 30 years. Anyway she will tree a coon alone or with company. I hunted her all this past summer in dry weather. She is out of a grand nite off Eagle and a wildcard female. Tree a running track or pull a lay up. Never been trashy. Treed one possum back in the summer. Bump a deer one time. No other issues. Good mouth on bawl squall mouth on the ground with a good locate when she uses it. High pitch chop mouth in tree that you can hear for a while. Not goofing to blow her up to be a coondog cause she is not. Yet. She turns two in feb. The light is a moonshiner cap light I had built. Very bright. Wildlife tracking system with two collars and case. I will show her in the woods if weather permits. She willis split tree and hold pressureThe only thing I would take in on trade are guns.
Call or text. 479-883-5827
1750.00 obo.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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