NFL Draft Paperwork Filed

Discussion in 'Razorbacks' started by WillyB71, Jan 3, 2011.

  1. WillyB71

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    Quarterback Ryan Mallett, defensive end Jake Bequette, linebacker Jerry Franklin and receivers Joe Adams and Jarius Wright are among those who have submitted paperwork to the NFL Draft advisory board for underclassmen. Per NCAA rules, players can consult the advisory board on their potential draft stock without penalty.

    I figure Mallet's gone. I sure hope the others stay...
  2. arc3162

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    I can't blame them for wanting to see what they are worth to the NFL. If I were in their shoes I would do the same thing.

  3. coonnutz

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  4. take_em

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    I think Mallet and Adams have a good shot at the NFL in this upcoming draft. Not that I want them to go, of course. The others listed would probably go late in the draft, in my opinion. Either way I would wish them all the best of luck.
  5. oldnwahunter

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    I am sure he would get drafted, but how high? Not a lot of need for qb's this year. There was a truck load of them last year and they are doing pretty good.
  6. I personally think Bequette could make it in the NFL too. Mallett is a shoe-in.

    Good thing BP can recruit or we'd be hurting next year. :eek:
  7. ArkArcher

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    All those except Ryan have said they are coming back next year. They are just going through the evaluation to see what their weaknesses are. Should still be a good team next year! WPS! :thumb:
  8. Juice

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    I hope the NFL has a lockout, so maybe guys like Mallett will stay. Selfish of me? A little.
  9. johnf

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    I'd love to see Mallett stay too, but I think Tylor Wilson will step right in and run off Mallett type numbers in no time.