Next Years Starters

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  1. Here is how I see the starting line up/Depth Chart.
    QB Nathan Dick,C Dick,Brian Reader,Tyler Wilson, Jim Youngblood
    TB F Jones M Smith Brandon Barnett
    FB H Smith R Salinus D Johnson
    FL C Tuck,R Fish L Crawford
    SE L Miller M Wade N Chandler
    TE DJ Williams B Cleveland A Davie
    OT J Valdez M Aquirrie Dominguez, Ray J Hart
    OG D Love M Petrus S Standridge C Bemburg
    C J Luigs G Cook J Crossland

    DT E Mitchell M Shavers, P Jones B Lampkin
    DE A Robinson M Shepperd D Ambrose V Stumon

    Got to run, Wife wants me to pick up supper.:smack: Somebody help me out here.
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    Gotta mull that over a bit......:wink:

    I sho nuff hope your RB spot is right...:up: We could.."compete".


  3. I went ahead and added the two commitments at the QB position. At flanker and WR we have those good good Camden boys I did not add and have not really looked at the other incoming freshman we will get. The key next year is to get a QB who can run if the receivers are covered since we will be running the Spread and if Felix comes back to add a few million to his signing bonus. If not, I still think Michael Smith will be good and if we can get that commitment from San Antonio that now says he will take a visit to Ole Miss before he visits Arkansas later this month. Signing day is about a month away. WPS :thumb: