Newspaper Publishes Gun Owners' Names and Addresses

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by bgkv77, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. alexanderg23

    alexanderg23 Well-Known Member

    All the names and addresses of gun owners in AR is published too. It's called the phone book as in everyone :)

  2. Lonnie

    Lonnie Well-Known Member

    Some folks just don't get it!!! When a newspaper thinks they are exposing the gun owners and think they are doing them harm by participating in such ignorance, the reality of the situation is exactly the opposite. Think about it!!! If you were a thief, killer or rapist and you saw this article, who would be your next victim? A name from the printed list or an address that's not printed in the article!!!

    I'm not a rocket scientist or anything like that but common sense tends to tell me here that this so-called journalist is working with the the "elements of evil" !!!!:fit:
  3. stealthycat

    stealthycat Elite Member<br>2015-16 Bow Hunting Contest Winner

    now the criminals know where NOT to go to rob
  4. jmschwe

    jmschwe Well-Known Member

    A special non-gun owner tax,tax the ones that don't protect themselves as they expect others to protect them in times of becoming a unarmed victim.
  5. johnf

    johnf Well-Known Member

    On the job safety for criminals.:thumb:
  6. Ekspurt

    Ekspurt Well-Known Member

    WRONG! Now the criminals know where to go when you're not home to steal your guns.
  7. shotgun wg

    shotgun wg Well-Known Member

    This was my thought. Guns are more valuable than what little jewelry or electronics they could steal. If any of these homes are attacked this "reporter" should be held accountable.
  8. flintknapper

    flintknapper Moderator/smokepole pimp

    I was wondering if the reporter/newspaper would be held liable in the event of a break in. I would be very chapped if that happened here!

    All gun owners need safes. Big heavy ones bolted to something bigger and heavier.
  9. Hooked Spurs

    Hooked Spurs Well-Known Member

    Exactly!!! I would be severely hacked off if I were those people listed. I would come up with some creative ways to return the favor in some way by posting personal information of the reporter, editor, etc. of that newspaper for all the world to see.
  10. stealthycat

    stealthycat Elite Member<br>2015-16 Bow Hunting Contest Winner

    ya'll don't keep your valuable in a big safe when you're not at home ?
  11. hunteroverseas

    hunteroverseas Well-Known Member

    If I remember correctly back in 2009, Max Brantley editor of the Liberal Arkansas Times, posted all of the addresses for concealed carry permit holders in Arkansas. He suffered huge backlash from individuals in Arkansas and even had to notify the police because of some of the threats he received.

    RAZOR_DEER Well-Known Member

    Thats the first thing I thought of when I saw the thread. There were a lot of influential people on that list! These people are freaking idiots.
  13. QCDually5.9

    QCDually5.9 Well-Known Member

    I REALLY like this idea. It would be kinda like the health care tax that we will be forced to pay. :banghead: If you refuse to participate in protecting yourself, then the govt will tax you in order to pay for the various law enforcement cost needed to investigate crimes against you, that you were unable to defend yourself against. :whistle: (I wonder if the left would turn even more 'double standard' on us if it was up for a vote?) :whistle:
  14. bgkv77

    bgkv77 Well-Known Member

    This article feels like to me like a list of those not loyal to the Fuehrer. Well put me on that list please.
  15. Buckrub

    Buckrub Well-Known Member

    Doubt they have enough C4 to steal my guns.
  16. alexanderg23

    alexanderg23 Well-Known Member

    Here is the guy that did it!

    Dwight R Worley
    23006 139 Ave.
    Springfield Gardens, NY 11413
    (718) 527-0832

    And the Papers president
    Janet Hasson
    3 Gate House LN
    Mamaroneck, NY 10534
    (914) 694-5204
  17. Draftstud

    Draftstud Well-Known Member

    First breakin to steal guns, Whoop that Reporters Azz, ect. The whole debate on Gun Control has to do with personal responsibilty and here the have no responsibility publishing the names and addresses. John