Newcomer has caught me off guard.

Discussion in 'Trail Cams and Photography' started by DCDM, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. DCDM

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    He’s been coming by every day but I’m sure come September he will be long gone.

    F700A2FF-ECE2-4B59-86AF-E7B3B553B6C2.jpeg C9828674-A222-45A1-815D-84D8E1B1F931.jpeg
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  2. emerson

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    That 's me pull cards and had 2 nice ones , but if you don't get them early they will be gone come fall .
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  3. DCDM

    DCDM Well-Known Member

    Yup it’s how it goes. Few years back I had a nice 10 point all spring/summer on my camera. Come around late sept early October he left. He was killed 3 miles as a crow flies from my stand down around degray lake. That was the day I basically quit feeding year round.
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  4. Scatterlandsfarms

    Scatterlandsfarms Well-Known Member

    ne ar
    Summer time bucks don't excite me they seem to disappear come mid September
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  5. firehog

    firehog Well-Known Member

    Ever wonder why bucks feed one place in the summer then move for the rut? Here's my opinion and what I have seen over the years. Bucks seem to roam more in the summer in their bachelor groups as we know to look for high protein foods. In my area soybeans are key. So you see bucks shift closer to those areas. On the Crowleys Ridge where you have larger tracts of timber those bucks shift to the sides to the soybeans. When the acorns drop you see them shift back to the timber.

    I will see that one buck that stays around and hits the feeders with the does but generally come fall I don't see him again until late season. Different bucks of different characteristics. My mature bucks from last year, will come to my place in the summer maybe once every two weeks and make an appearance. The does don't like them and they usually feed separately. But come fall and velvet drops, they are back to being around where the does are. If you keep does no matter what on your place year-round, those bucks will always come back, not all of them but you usually pick up a few new ones.

    I think the biggest key is to keep good food on your place. Whether they visit and stay or move on when the food source gets scarce they will know to come back to you. Feeding year-round with clover in spring and early summer then your late winter brassicas and grains are key. The only exception that I've seen is a few bucks will just flat out travel during the rut no matter how many does you carry. You would think as many does they would not travel far but they do. I know of some bucks that had a picture taken and the next day killed 7 miles on the Crowleys Ridge. Those bucks don't get killed often and I guess being unpredictable has helped them survive. The other key is to have excellent food late winter. In agri ground if you carry good plots you will pick up all kinds of different bucks late season. A feeder for the most part won't do much in agri ground there's just to much excess grain or green stuff. The only area I have seen a feeder pull and keep good bucks is in the ozarks.
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  6. firehog

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    From my experience, if a good buck is hitting feeders in the summer, and he does wander off during the rut, when food gets low late winter, he will show back up. That's why I either make sure I have good food in the summer all the way through the year. Just something to think about.
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  7. SwampCat

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    exactly what I see. Food is the key
  8. Zeeriverrat

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    We haven’t gotten any shooter bucks on camera at all this summer. But that doesn’t surprise me, usually they start showing up about the time the bachelor groups break up...

    We have taken quite a few nice bucks that we never had on camera. Like Swampcat sez, food is the key..and we make sure there is food on our place year around.
  9. arkrem870

    arkrem870 Well-Known Member

    I’d love to open with Kentucky......
  10. Kgood01b

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    I've got 5 mineral licks I've had cameras on all summer on about 1300 continuous acres, that I've doctoring 7-10+ years. Each lick has several different bachelor groups coming to use them. Some groups have 3-5 and some have 6-10. (I have noticed groups intertangle with each other at the mineral licks as each group will loose or pick up another buck from week to week) I haven't got a single picture of a buck using multiple mineral licks throughout the summer and some of these licks are only 1/2 mile apart. On two licks there is 35-50 diffrent bucks using them, combined, and all summer I haven't got a picture of a buck to visit both mineral licks. Seems to me, they have a very small home area in the summer, where I'm at. This is not crop country. I think the close proximity to water has a lot of bucks drawn to my area at the moment. Once the rains start, velvet strips, days become shorter, temps drop and acorns fall, a lot of them have historically disappeared, but will make an appearance at some point through the season.
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