New Years Eve Geocaching

Discussion in 'Outdoor Recreation' started by mountainborn, Dec 31, 2005.

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    How it went at one cache today, still no magic 200th find.

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    Posted: Sat Dec 31, 2005 6:18 pm Post subject: There we were


    The Site, a city park with a walking path right by the cache. The spaces between those walking off Thanksgiving Turkey may have been a minute. So ever minute we look as casual as possible. He, he, here I am, in my usual redneck cammo clothing, in a area filled with people wearing flashy sweats, wild sweat suits and loud work out clothing. There were more dazzling white sweat bands in the area than I had ever seen in my lifetime. You could hear the fabric of those air suits swishing as walkers passed briskly. I'll bet they were worried about that camoed galoot poking in the bushes with a aluminum hiking stick, then suddenly acting casual as they went past on the path. A State Troopers car was parked at the entrance but there seemed to be no one near it. Yeh, you know it, . . . the Police came by, then the police came by again, then, well, you get the picture. I gave my friendliest homeboy wave and smile, leaned my hiking staff against a tree and faked a phone call on my cell phone.
    The first two times they rolled by. Then in desperation I called the CACHEMATES cell phone, they are caching in another part of the state. I get a sure nuff payday clue.
    And still come away with a DNF !
    Then I see that persistent patrol car getting ready to turn into the park again. I know there is no way the officer will pass up questioning that camoed, suspicious acting ol' geezer again.
    So I give Butcherknife the high sign and we slink out of the park while the patrol car is in traffic.
    Defeated, head hung low, wondering how many more of these evil CACHEMATES caches we will wander across this day.
    Happy New Year to all !

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    I am going to go out today to look for a few in the Ft. Smith area. I am just getting started and have found 6 so far. I had trouble finding GCM0EJ so I will start with that one.

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    Just curious as to why you were worried about the police or other walkers seeing you? It is not like you were doing anything wrong where you?
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    To keep the muggles from pirating the cache.
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    MAJOR, I have been wanting to go up there and hike that trail while caching. Are all the caches on this map located on the trail ?