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2008 Hunt Prices

Early Season Archery:
Mid-September to Mid-October - 5 day hunts
(Note: These are afternoon hunts only. No morning stands since this is primarily hunting feeding locations)
Costs: $2,400
$1,900 Guide fee plus $100 a day for food & lodging

Rut Season Archery:
Mid-October to Mid-November - 5 day hunts
Costs: $2,800
$2,300 Guide fee plus $100 a day for food & lodging

Gun hunting:
November 22nd - 25th, 2008 - 4 day hunts
Costs: $2,900
$2,600 Guide fee plus $100 a day for food & lodging

Muzzleloader Hunts:
December 7th - 10th, 2008 - 4 day hunts
Costs: $2,500
$2,100 Guide fee plus $100 a day for food & lodging

What to expect:
Treestand hunting
Animals are trailed and recovered by guide
ATV use by guides only
Rolling terrain

Please note:
Personal vehicle required (Leases cover some of the hottest action in the county, day to day travel required to get to various farms)
All hunter's must follow Wisconsin Hunting Regulations
50% deposit for each hunter when hunt is booked, balance due by September 1st.
Limited number of hunters taken
License is over-the-counter BUT must be purchased at least 3 days prior to hunt
Hunters are responsible for purchasing their own licenses
Buffalo County Outfitters is not responsible for accident, injury or theft
ATV use by guides only

License info:
Hunting license is over-the-counter but needs to be purchased 3 days in advance of hunt
Phone and internet orders available via Wisconsin DNR
Check with the Wisconsin DNR for the latest season dates, fees and hunting rules

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That is pretty reasonable pricing.
I'd agree. That's got to be one of the best known outfitters in the country, in the undisputed best county for record-book bucks... period.
Dont get me wrong, that's a ton of $, but you could spend a lot more.
With a video like that floating around on the internet, I'm surprised they're not 3-4X that price.
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