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    Okay guys, my daughter and I got a bluetick/cur cross from Bobcat.223 and want to make a squirrel dog outta her. Got a couple hides this morning and started playing with her and she was interested. Now next step, just keep playing for a while or get her with a trained dog?
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    how old is she, first thing to do is get her to handle good,( sit come stay) teach her to be lead with a leash and when she is 6 to 7 month old catch a live squirrel and let her see it, then take her to woods and hunt. I'm not a dog trainer but these are the answer i get form a lot top notch squirrel dog trainers.

    Good luck Mike
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    She's 5 months. She handles okay on a leash and is working on sit, we haven't got to stay yet.
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    You can also take it to state parks this time of the year to where the squirrels are half tame easy for a pup to see them.And theres few to no campers this time a year.Go to for lots of info.

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    Take her out, let her be a pup. Let her romp, dig up stuff, etc. Not for long periods, lest she get tired and/or bored. When she gets to where she wants to stay out there....HUNT HE HAIR OFF HER!!! She will either tree or good time. Curs sometimes start early. Blue tics often start late. So when she clicks is anybody's guess..and not all dogs do tree regardless of their breeding. IF she has will come. Culls are just part of the sport. But don't get too impatient. Later dogs will often catch up with early dogs, so it really does not matter when she starts, so long as she does.

    Hunting with another, older dog a time or two, can speed things up. Too much though can make her a "Me Too" dog. Woods time and more woods time is what it takes, but start easy with a young pup, short periods, so it will be a treat, until such time as she lets you know by her behavior she wants more time in the woods. then take her out every chance you have. And remember, curs are sensitive little critters. Too much harshness does more harm than good.