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  1. bottomlands

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    Its well woth 10 bucks to get rid of that bad evil black gun
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  2. Grizzly16

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  3. ararslinger

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    If you don't already have ammo better start looking today.
  4. Johnjpa808

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  5. Biggars

    Biggars Well-Known Member

    What about PCCs? Like 10mm?
    Are they lighter and quieter?
    Not as much range but Id think good results out to 75yds which us plenty for house clearing
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  6. Grizzly16

    Grizzly16 Well-Known Member

    They aren't bad but from what I understand you run into a few shortfalls compared to a 556 or 300 blkc out.

    1. Hi cap (30+) mags for pistol rounds are very expensive and not as reliable as pmags/ar15 mags.
    2. Longer barrels on a PCC can over speed pistol ammo and reduce the terminal effects.
    3. Self defense 10mm ammo is more expensive than 556 and 300blackout (or was pre-Riots, not sure now).

    I'd about rather have a shorter barrel shotgun (they make "pistol" versions) in 12g than a 10mm pcc.
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  7. Biggars

    Biggars Well-Known Member

    Im kicking it around.
    I read that velocity doesnt increase much between pistol and pcc for 10mm, 9mm, and seems like the extra barrel length would stabilize the trajectory more than in a handgun plus benefits of a stock/ longer sight radius would increase accuracy. 10mm should be plenty out to 75 yds Id think. 9mm mite be a little weak at that range. I wonder about the blast and how much less it is vs 300 or 5.56. I think the pccs are lighter usually too. Color me curious. I mite try one in a 12 inch barrel length if I can work up the funds someday. Ammo is probably more expensive, would need to reload most likely to shoot it much.
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  8. Syn

    Syn Well-Known Member

    A couple of quick questions.

    What is the difference between the handguards? (KMR-A, MCMR, QRF) Is it just the design of the accessory mounting holes or is one better than the other? Will all aftermarket accessories fit all handguard designs?

    Does the pistol come ready to accept a suppressor or will I need to take it to a gunsmith? Any suppressor recommendations?

    Thanks for everyone help,

  9. Syn

    Syn Well-Known Member

    Please disregard the handguard question, I found a good article over at pew pew that cleared a lot of that up.

  10. DesertRider

    DesertRider Well-Known Member

    As far as hearing inside, put a pair of electronic muffs next to the AR and you won't notice the blast. My house AR is an 11.5" pistol- if you have any hallways, room corners or plan on going low behind furniture- you'll appreciate the shorter bbl.
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