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  1. I did some scouting this morning and found a GREAT spot. It was a little opening probably 30 yds wide and 40 yards long. Its on the south side of a hill. There are tracks EVERYWHERE. Its not 80yds away from their bedding area. My question is the only tree I could find to climb is pretty close to the edge of the opening. I climbed up today and took a look from the tree I plan on using. Nice good view of it all. Here is my problem. I looked around and it was the only tree I could use a climber on. And there is not a lot of cover around that area. So I am a little worried about getting seen. I currently have my set up around 35-40ft up. Is that going to be good? I have never really hunted out in an open area. I have always been in pretty thick stuff. So this out in the open is pretty new to me. Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance for the help.
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    I hunt quite a few open areas and as long as you are 25-30 ft high I wouldn't worry about and just be sure not to make very much noise and dnt move if you think the deer might see you. Good luck hope the spots works out good for ya

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    Well, seems that you are that high up you may avoid from being detected. The only concern I see is the angle of shot placement. Higher you are then more apt to make a bad shot, cause your not gonna get a good view of the vitals.:twocents:.. It sounds like a place to hunt from a ground blind whether you have bought one or make one from what nature provides. Out of the norm I hunt from 15'-25' where I hunt. Depending of cover. This time of year I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb. Also, hunting from that close may need to know times coming and going. You don't want to draw attention to yourself and get busted. It sounds like a good spot, but may need to do a little more homework before jumping right on in. Which, I am sure there be some experts on here will lead you to the right directions.
  4. I do a lot of hunting on crazy slopes on land we own on danville mountain. So I have done a lot of practicing at rediculous heights above deer. I have taken a few deer from higher than what I will be in this spot. So I am not to worried about that. I was just hoping I would be high enough with it being an open area. I'm just used to being in thick areas and not out in the open like that.
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    Sounds like you got a plan. I hope it works out for you.
  6. thanks, I think I am going to give it a try tomorrow if I feel up to it. This being sick stuff is getting old.

    Thanks for the advice.
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    If there's any way to use a lock on stand? It's a lot less noisy enterring and exiting and works in alot more trees than just a " telephone pole ". Give it some thought. They take a few min to set up but you get to use more trees with limbs etc to conceal you and shot placement would be better? Anyway you seem to have it figured out... Good luck and be safe...
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    True.. Never thought of that. Lock ons would be better like he said.
  10. thats not a bad idea at all. I suppose I will have to go get one. 98% of the trees in that area are telephone poles but There are two that are not. One of which would be a good spot to hunt this are out of. Thanks for the advice. I honestly did not think about that.
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    You should be ok up that high. One of my best bow hunting spots over the last 4 years has been in a clear cut with just a few trees here and there. I'm right out in the open up about 30 feet and don't have a problem getting busted. One thing i don't stand up to shoot in this spot all my shots are takin sitting down.
  12. here is the spot in question. This is across the 30 yard area. If you look at HIS left antler on YOUR right side. That is the tree I am using. Now if I can just get him to come out during the day.

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    I have always broke of some cedar limbs and woven them through the platform of my climber. Doesn't get in the way and conceals well. Try brushing in your climber a bit. Also helps with scent control
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    Now I have done that a few times..I took zip ties to do this. It works pretty good.
  15. I think I may give that a try. Since there is only one pine tree in the area and its on the other side from where I sit could I still do it in this spot?
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    risky but it may be your only option better to try then to dismiss it
  17. yeah, right now they are not coming out during daylight hours so I am just getting practice being still in the stand
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    Like others said! brush in your stand it really works. I had a spot this year that was almost worthless cause the only tree i could use got me 12 ft up and right in the middle of the deer trail. I cut branches off the tree I was in and stuck em all over my climber like i was a bush in the tree. I had deer walk right at me and I'm thinking no way they can't see me? They never had a clue lol.