new sign no cc at malco in jonesboro

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by bigbrown, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. bigbrown

    bigbrown Well-Known Member

    So i went to the movies tonite, 1st time in a while. As the wife and i approached door i saw the dreaded signs no handgun/gun. It really made me mad. The wife was like u are ridiculous because i said i wouldnt go back. I hate to give money to businesses that do this. Its just keeping honest people from carrying! (She thinks im obsessed with guns. )
    Thats a different story.
  2. Houston boy

    Houston boy Well-Known Member

    if i were a thief, i would love places like this! :smack:
    do folks not realize this, the only thing worse would be to say no law enforcement allowed!
    I dont think you are over reacting!

  3. Unit74

    Unit74 Account Suspended

    Tell em what you think and tell em your gonna let all your buddies know too.....
  4. Houston boy

    Houston boy Well-Known Member

    tell em to also put up a sign requesting the criminals not to bring their guns in!
  5. JB Weld

    JB Weld Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    No kidding!
    When I see those signs, I don't come back.
  6. jg54

    jg54 Well-Known Member

    Sadly, this is how all Malco's are now. I said the same thing, won't be going back!
  7. Delbert

    Delbert Well-Known Member

    So do you drive 55or a bit more? I carry anywhere I want to except the places with metal detectors.
  8. bigbrown

    bigbrown Well-Known Member

    I do drive speed limit. W my job i dont need tickets. But i think i may anyways. I really hate doing that but. With the world the way it is you never know.
  9. glocker

    glocker Well-Known Member

    Only thing that stops my cc is metal detectors....concealed means concealed.
  10. Golden09

    Golden09 Well-Known Member

    Guess ill drive to Paragould, I understand they have a right to refuse to let people carry in their business, but I will not support a business that will not allow me to protect myself in the event that some whack job goes postal in THIER business. That being said, I think a boycott is in order!
  11. jg54

    jg54 Well-Known Member

    The old saying goes... I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6!
  12. Grizzly16

    Grizzly16 Well-Known Member

    This about sums it up.
  13. Cjdavis618

    Cjdavis618 Well-Known Member

    So did you tell them there was an issue with that?

    Call them or send them a letter telling them why you can't support that business. Tell them by putting those signs up they are making themselves a place for this to occur. Tell them if they want tragedy to be less likely to happen there, put up signs that say we welcome concealed carry holders on these premises for public safety.

    These places probably don't know the other side of the issue because just leaving doesn't tell them why. They need to know what the problem is. Whether they agree or not isn't the issue. They are probably just uninformed and need to hear from the common sense side of the issue.
  14. Golden09

    Golden09 Well-Known Member

    I sent them an email before my previous post, I did my best to explain to the our side, I also tried to explain to them the amount if business they stand to lose in an area with so many gun owners. I urge you all to flood their inbox, let them know how you feel, post this on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites. Be as passionate about this as the antis are on their position.
  15. Gun free zone = open season on everybody in the place.
  16. QuarterBore

    QuarterBore Well-Known Member

    The signs have to be very specific. They have to say "Firearms Prohibited", otherwise they aren't legally binding and you can carry all day long without breaking the law. They have to be placed at every entrance to the facility and they have to be easily read at a distance of 10 feet.

    If the signage meets the criteria above, just ask the manager to sign a waiver saying that they assume all liabilities for your protection while on their premises because they won't allow you to protect yourself there. Business owners worth their salt don't like being liable for a darn thing...liability to them is like garlic to a vampire.
  17. luckless

    luckless Member Forum Sponsor 2011 Turkey Contest Winner

    What's their email address?
  18. Golden09

    Golden09 Well-Known Member

    You can go to their website and go to the contact us bar and email them
  19. Mallard12

    Mallard12 Well-Known Member

    The only sign that stops a cch has to read exactly "carrying a hand gun is prohibited"......if the sign dont read exactly like that it is legal to carry.