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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by deer14, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. deer14

    deer14 Well-Known Member

    Shore seems ta me I could use a new bowhunting pard - would be wma areas like St Francis area wa ya say?:skeptical:
  2. deer14

    deer14 Well-Known Member

    I need someone who is serious about bowhunting ta hunt with / I'm am pyhiscally chaalenged / but not down and out / knowlegdge of St . francis forest. Still able ta pull ma own weight. disabiled police offiicer, some days good - some days not - But I do need help, not spring chicken anymore. Wood like ta here form anyonyone interested.

  3. AF2007

    AF2007 Well-Known Member

    I wish I was closer. I'd be glad to go with you. Sounds like you could teach a younger guy a few things!
  4. deer14

    deer14 Well-Known Member

    Had ta vent last night. Old coot that I go round here close with, going back down ta Camden Camp. I stopped going to a camp in Monticello bout 5 yr ago(was in it 20 yrs). The cost& long drive. Sure I'd like to see the fellas. Anyway he done been down there a month, and not seeing that much(like others on here are reporting from zone 12). Anyhow, we usually have done some bow hunting by now- but not this year- just ta way it's working out. That's what I really like bow- NEA. Health issues going on right now too- always something. :rolleyes: