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Discussion in 'Trail Cams and Photography' started by Magnum01, Dec 8, 2012.

  1. Magnum01

    Magnum01 Well-Known Member

    Just need him to start showing up in daylight hours. Not that it matters but what do you guys think he will score?

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  2. chrisDXT

    chrisDXT Well-Known Member

    135... Nice deer!!

  3. tagger

    tagger Well-Known Member

    awsome buck my guess is 137 good luck bud...........
  4. miketyson26

    miketyson26 Well-Known Member Lifetime Supporter

    I've never tried the peanut butter hanging off a tree that way. Does it work?

    Miketyson26 :flag:

  5. You can't see that buck trying to get the peanut butter off the roof of his mouth?
  6. bmccullough1

    bmccullough1 Well-Known Member

    If you leave enough peanut butter they leave you a note asking for a glass of milk!
  7. Magnum01

    Magnum01 Well-Known Member

    Not sure how it works yet. Been out about a week and they haven't messed with it much. Maybe I should have used Jiffy. LOL!
  8. hogrunner

    hogrunner Well-Known Member

    that's the biggest 135 or 137 I have ever seen more like in the 150's or bigger
  9. ursus

    ursus Well-Known Member

  10. Hēlim

    Hēlim Well-Known Member

    Zone 12
    Not sure about the deer, but I like crunchy Peter Pan.
  11. SA Doc

    SA Doc Well-Known Member

    I think 135-140 depending on spread.
  12. mikebri

    mikebri Well-Known Member

    Good luck with him
  13. jnjrup

    jnjrup Well-Known Member

    Great buck! Hope you get him