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New Oklahoma State Record Whitetail
March 28, 2008
Jason Boyett was hunting in Pushmataha County last November when he brought down a buck for the ages. This buck, scoring 191-4/8 and just accepted into B&C on March 27, 2008, is the new Oklahoma state record typical whitetail. The former record, scoring 185-6/8, was taken by Larry D. Luman in Bryan County in 1997.

Jason's deer has a gigantic typical frame, scoring 210-4/8 net. The buck also had 19 inches of abnormal points, meaning Jason had the choice to enter the buck as either a 191-4/8 typical or a 229-4/8 non-typical. Bryan chose the typical score, which favorably places the buck as a true all-time great in the typical category.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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