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My name is ghavin and I've noticed a lack of professional lease management services. I'm not asking for hand outs or jobs here but, if you think 3rd party lease mangers would be a fairly good idea let me know.

Said services would entail:
Set up food plots
Till soild cut trees and grass
Pest control
Soil assessment and treatment
Survey deer population density and antler quality
Manage owner and hunter relations and rules

Thanks for everyone's consideration I look forward to hearing thoughts or criticisms

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I think there is a need for bush hogging, disking, and planting services. I have had several people ask me if I would consider doing it. Not sure there is full time work in it. And I do know some of the bigger, high end leases do contract with private biologists to formulate their management plans.

But, you know, most of us AR deer hunters THINK we know what we are doing;)
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