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hey guys i have a new litter of double rat-attack bred pups on ground now will be ready to go in about 6 weeks also have 2 double ratattack X double wipeout bred pups will be ready in about 3 weeks im not on here much due to school but will check in from time to time just let me know price is 225.00 across the board and locted in cabot also HAVE SOME OLDER WALKERS im not selling out just cutting back one wipeout femal little over a year lightley started will finish out to good dog knbows her business 400.00, one double rat bred male about yearand half very gritty knows his business 750.00 neesd finishing, 2 cash bred pups ready to start 250.00 each these are walkers, one double rat bred pup with a docked tail not registered will take 150.00 for it the double rat dogs are full brother and sister to my river dog just different litters all shoud turn out to be gfeat dogs
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