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I found this on another site and thought it might be something some of you could be interested in.

Magnolia, AR. 3-D Shoot! March 22nd!


Hi Everyone!

Here in Magnolia I have built a 6000 square ft. indoor archery range, along with a 3D outdoor range. I picked up a complete set of Mckenzies from the Hattiesburg shoot and I will be holding 3D tournaments throughout the year on our range located 3 1/2 miles East of Magnolia, Ar. on the Old Eldorado Hwy (Columbia Rd.36) just east of Lake Sue Nursery at the big blue barn.
The tournaments will be ASA scoring and the entry fee will be 15.00 per shooter, with 60% going back to the shooters. There will be no trophies or plaques, just CASH PAYBACKS!
The following are the dates that have been chosen, here's hoping that you will print out the schedule and pass them on to your members and friends.
Classes will be Pro, Open, Bowhunter, (men and women),novice,traditional, youth and cub 10 and under. Peewee's Free, no shooting stakes and shoot with parents.
Trickle start from 9am till noon on Saturday, and 10am till 2pm on Sundays, with no early shooting starts.

Hope to see you here!

March 22nd Saturday
April 13th Sunday
May 10th Saturday
May 25th Sunday
June 8th Sunday
July 27th Sunday
Aug 2nd Saturday
Sept 14th Sunday

George Dixon
870-299-3444 Cell
Mathews,Carbon Express,Trophy Taker, Broadheads,Specialty Archery
Custom Bow Equip,HTM,AEP,Nikon

People don't plan on failing, they just fail to plan!!

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Yes HD, I found it on AT. The fella named George Dixon flew in to our shoot last year at Sheridan. I believe he is a pro shooter for Mathews Archery. I have seen him on some of their commercials. Really nice guy. Should be a nice range.
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