New hunter, any tips?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by kendract, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. kendract

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    So I'm a new hunter. Just started this year. My boyfriend talked me into it I suppose. He and his family are almost more excited to have me kill a deer than I am. I've been out hunting numerous times and have only seen deer on 2 of those occasions. I shot both times and, obviously, missed. Anyway, it's usually every time I go out hunting I don't see a darn thing. This is in the central Arkansas area. Mostly near West Little Rock, I'd say. Wish me luck, I've been hearing around that the deer behavior is not normal and in a couple of spots everyone was surprised to hear I didn't see anything. I've also been encouraged to keep at it and I will eventually kill my first deer. I'm still going! I sure hope I get to at least see some next time.
  2. gutpile

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    stay with it...not everyone has that "beginners luck". hope ya kill a wall hanger.:thumb:

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    Welcome to the club! LOL! Make sure you wash in scent free body and hair wash and wash your cloths in scent free detergent. Deer have a keen sense of smell and perfumes from soap and detergent will give you away every time. Have fun and good luck!
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    CORN!! :thumb:

    Seriously... Stick with it!! Good luck!!
  5. kendract

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    DUH! Why didn't I think of that before.:doh:

    Thanks, everybody!! :jiggy:
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    My wife always uses the green apple stuff if she doesn't have unscented body wash or shampoo. Other than that be patient and take your time aiming and make shure the x is where u want it. It helps to use a prop to sturdy ur shot then let the crosshairs settle and squeeze the trigger not pull. Enjoy just sitting there watching the leaves blow and the other creatures u may see. The experience is what it's about the deer is the iceing on the cake.
  7. SARAH

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    I have never been real big on the scent free stuff I have always kinda thought it was a waste of money I wash with whatever I have and just dont use anything perfumed...If you wanna go scent free though save your money and use baking soda jsut my .02 though...
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    But I always scrape the icing off and eat it, I never even eat the cake!!


    But yea I'm a great shot. I never use a brace or prop-up or anything and I can shoot walnuts out of a tree that's almost 50 yards away. I enjoy doing that, too! :biggrin:

    I only missed the first one, cause I had a bow with peep sights and I forgot to even think about judging distance and just shot with the pin I'd been using to practice. I shot low. Then I missed the second one cause she was behind a bit of brush but was about to leave so I took the shot anyway. My boyfriend tried to shoot her as she ran but it was also below freezing that morning.

    My hope is to get a clear shot at one, that way if I miss I know I don't have an excuse...HA
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    I aint that bad of a shot my self but a prop never hurt when you use a gun or a crossbow. :twocents:
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    Very true. That second one I shot at, I had the gun up for a while cause she was staring at me. That ended up hurting.
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    my most favorite tip: sit as long as you possibly can. i mean until you think you are about to die. then sit another hour. i can't tell you how many wall hangers i've seen while everyone else was back at camp sitting around the fire. deer learn our habits about 10,000 times faster than we learn theirs. sometimes the best time to be in the woods is when everyone else isn't. #2- PAY ATTENTION TO THE WIND!!!!!!!!!! if they smell ya, they AIN'T comin. deer will second guess a sound they heard or maybe something that they saw, but they NEVER second guess their noses. 99.9999999999% OF THE TIME scentblocker clothes and all the scent killer you wanna use won't protect you if an adult deer gets downwind of ya. i won't say that they never slip. they do every once in a blue moon. they can't afford to make mistakes like us.
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    this just about covers it
  15. possum

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    Lots of good advice but there is one other thing....get out of the game while you still have your sanity. This stuff will driving ya crazy. :pullhair:

    I even try this every once in a while. :cross:
  16. Tink

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    Just have fun an if it's brown it's down :up:
  17. nwa_bowhunter

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    Try to sit very still in a spot with the wind direction blowing in your face and the sun on your back. Don't get discouraged when you don't see anything on every single hunt. My biggest buck I've got after probably my longest stretch of not seeing any deer for many hunts in a row then all of the sudden I saw a huge deer with a huge rack after my huge dry spell. Had I got discouraged I wouldn't have got him. Remember they are WILD animals.
  18. JohnnieWalker

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    I live in WLR and there are some good bucks out that way. I wouldn't bet on seeing 20 deer everytime I went out, but, the potential for a good one is there.
    Best advice I can give you out there. You're not gonna get one on the couch. Not in WLR anyway. Don't get discouraged. It'll happen. Or that's what I keep telling myself this year. :biggrin: Best of luck to ya.
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    Yup! I think you're right! Great tips everybody. You learn a little something new every day. I won't be hunting this weekend, as I am going home to Louisiana to see family for 10 days starting Friday. YAY! I can't wait. But when I get back, I may go at it again. I just HATE the cold. I've been updating my gear to try and get stuff that will keep me perfectly warm while I'm out. I'm almost there! I've got my face covered, a good warm jacket, gloves and pockets to put my hands in, I got some good Muck boots but they still don't keep my feet completely warm. That's my last stop, finding some good socks or those little feet warmers so I'll be more inclined to stay out longer.