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Discussion in 'Campfire' started by johnf, Dec 16, 2010.

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    Very pleased with my siding guy. Anyone building a house would be served well using this guy. He's the most professional sub I've used so far on the house. Nothing but good things to say about the guy. If you need a rock/dryvit guy. This is the one you want to use.
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    Ooooo, I like it :thumb:

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    Looking good, nice choice with the metal roofing:up:
  5. Tony Harris

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    Looking good John. How long before you guys are in?
  6. BUCKSHOT_106

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    Thats a good looking house John. We have been in ours 2 years and Love it. Nice Door Too! (Same one on My house) !
  7. ouachita

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    And his name is ?
  8. johnf

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    Chris Blair- anyone wanting his info send me a PM.
  9. johnf

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    Hopefully by the end of January. Got a pretty good punch list hopefully I can get it knocked out before Christmas.
  10. Mule man

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    Are you coming in on budget. Wasn't this supposed to be around $60 sq/ft. ? I have a son that I am encouraging to build a metal frame house like yours. Nice. I like it.:up:
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    It's going to be close. I'll let you know when I'm done. There are a few things that I missed, like a driveway. :eek: But we decided to go ahead and finish our the storage room upstairs so we'll come in just shy of 2600sq feet heated.
  13. johnf

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    He finished up today. Very pleased.
    Need to get the kids out there cleaning up trash and burning "brush":cool:

    Hopefully will have a driveway next week. :up:
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    By the way. Chris is the first of my subs to actually clean up after himself and none of my tools have grown legs with him around.:censored:

    Missing two hammers, tape measure, $30 wire cutters, level, crowbar and 200ft. of extention chord and no one knows where they went. :skeptical:
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    Good looking house, John!! :up:
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    Very good looking home.
  17. there are some snitches in Perryville, dont let them catch you burning "anything" besides yard debris... I had a visit from ADEQ and a hard expensive lesson learned
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    It has came along very nice John:up:
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