New Dodge Truck MPG?

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  1. xrayguy

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    any of you guys got a newer dodge 1500 4x4? looks like i'm forced into a new truck thanks to being "T-Boned" last weekend. i like the dodge for the lifetime PT warranty. just curious if anyone had one and what kind of MPG ya'll were getting. thanks

  2. reflex1

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    I have an '04 quad cab and I get about 18 - 20 on the freeway with cruise set at 70. I get about 15.5 - 16 overall. Three days after I bought it - went to the muffler shop, cut the muffler and tailpipe off, put a glasspack on with duals - sounds great!

  3. xrayguy

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    thanks reflex....that is encouraging. i was getting about 15.5-16 in my z71 with 190,000 miles on it so i was hoping i would stay in that range at worst. what engine do you have in yours? and did you see an increase with the duels?
  4. reflex1

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    Got the 327 but wish they still had the 360 - that was an engine. Well I can't really say on the mileage with the duals because three days after I bought it was when I put them on! Dodge said the warranty would not be hurt with the duals if they were put in behind the catalytic converter. Muffler shop said because of the sensors they had to put a muffler on - therefore the glasspack! Had duals on my 94 with the 360 and got 16 - 17 overall.

    BEERHUNTER Well-Known Member

    2004 dodge 3500 i get from 18mpg - 22mpg on the highway with cummins diesel 2009 dodge 1500 suppsosed to have a diesel option
  6. adchunts

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    You might take a look at a new Z71. My '06 Z71 Crew gets between 18 and 19 on the highway. I drove it to southern Colorado last May and got 18.63 MPG for the trip. That is a calculated figure, not the truck computer's estimation.

    I have a Flowmaster cat-back exhaust and a Hypertech programmer.

    The new GM trucks are supposed to get a little better mileage than mine.

    The guys I know that have Dodge trucks all have the Hemi engine. They are reporting abysmal fuel mileage (12-14 MPG).

    Good luck with whatever you buy. It's a really good time to be truck shopping, everyone is offering incentives.