New Deer plate from AGFC

Discussion in 'General Hunting Topics' started by D, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. D

    D Well-Known Member

    I saw that the AGFC has a new deer plate for this year. Check it out. I think it is cool they did another deer. :thumb:

  2. cuppedup

    cuppedup Well-Known Member

    a 16" eight point would be more realistic

  3. dsmtuner1

    dsmtuner1 Well-Known Member

    Be better if it did not look like oil on canvas
  4. THExONE

    THExONE Moderator<br>Deer Hunting<br>2011-12 Deer Hunting

    I would prefer it be a little 5 point in memory of Dirtymax.
  5. coonnutz

    coonnutz Well-Known Member


    And to make it more realistic they could have a pack of mangy deer dogs chasing after it:fit:
  6. THExONE

    THExONE Moderator<br>Deer Hunting<br>2011-12 Deer Hunting

    Perfect. I would buy one.
  7. fullcredit

    fullcredit Super Moderator Staff Member

    I like it. Will get one when I renew in January. I have one of the original deer plates now.
  8. 44

    44 Well-Known Member

    I guess I was out of the loop for a while. I'm guessing Dirty got the boot. What thread was it on?
  9. jhw

    jhw Well-Known Member

    And it should be standing over a big pile of corn. :fit: :fit:
  10. Guitarzan

    Guitarzan Well-Known Member

    I wish it was a doe.
  11. hortonhunter

    hortonhunter Well-Known Member

    2nd that come may I'll be requesting one also :up:
  12. 7 point

    7 point Well-Known Member

    And should show the high fence in the background:biggrin:
  13. coonnutz

    coonnutz Well-Known Member

    Pretty much everyone he posted on:fit: j/k

    Why kill the little bucks thread
  14. seymore whitetail

    seymore whitetail Well-Known Member

    I like it too. Never had one before but thinking I may get one of these!
  15. austincrutchfield

    austincrutchfield Well-Known Member

    Why cant it be a spike:smack:

    HANDGUNNER Well-Known Member

    Or many have a Rage broadhead stuck in the ground beside it!!:whistle:
  17. arcountryboy

    arcountryboy Well-Known Member

    I like it, but I run antique tags on mine. Hoping to get a new one next year, maybe I'll get it then. I used to have the bass, but it was kinda cheesy looking.
  18. AfterLife

    AfterLife Sponsor<br>

    like it better than the last one, but still ugly
  19. thomasw_lrd

    thomasw_lrd Well-Known Member

    Since I collect license plates, it will be time to retire my elk and get this one. BTW if anybody has any of the other plates they don't want I'll take em. :)
  20. bigmac7825

    bigmac7825 Well-Known Member

    It looks better than the first one but I still think it looks horrible. Ill probably get it but I just wish they would make the deer like the elk plate. Its the best looking one so far.