New counties have CWD

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  1. curdog1

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    They used taxidermist and vets in the hot zone This year I was gonna take 2 to a bet but she wanted 50 a head so i just tossed em in the ditch and ate the deer.
  2. Onetrakd

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    What does a bet do?

  3. Hobbshunter

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    I did the exact same thing last year.
  4. Railhntr

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    There were several processors down here providing heads to the AGFC to test.
  5. curdog1

    curdog1 Well-Known Member

    The vet could pull a sample and get it tested for free

    They were charging 50 to pull the sample. It takes about 3 minutes
  6. Onetrakd

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    Ya I’ve had several tested in Missouri it’s mandatory in the cwd hot zones and it doesn’t cost a dime I assume part of your license purchase pays for the test.
  7. DufferDan

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    Well maybe the younger deer are leaving their home range because they have bred all the available does
    Maybe they are super studs as young deer
    It's a fact that a mature buck at a certain time in his life becomes an itinerant buck and checks things out where he was born
    He may travel 6-7 miles out of his established home zone
    Who knows why he goes back and it's just a guess it's to where he was born

    Of course not many make it to this mature 4-6 years old

    We need to eliminate all of the mature iternerant Bucks along with the young bucks leaving
    Oh well enough of that theory

    But the fact is that killing the younger ones will effectively eliminate any bucks being born with any natural resistance

    It seemingly has worked in Colorado since some bright higher up brought the Elk in

    Just rambling because I don't think the elimination of the young Bucks and 3-pt rule will help
    Testing hasn't been performed in the rest of the state yet

    I think
    We are protecting unplowed ground here

    Being an expert sometimes means "don't do anything with incomplete info"
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  8. angus

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    I have often wondered whether feral hogs are part of the spread. They would of course eat a dead deer if they found one. And the way hogs wander, they would eventually poop out the waste elsewhere. And then said waste would make an excellent natural fertilizer, whereupon the deer would eat the green shoots of forbs growing from it and thereby also consume the CWD prions.
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  9. angus

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    The latest Wyoming study of CWD is not very optimistic about the future.
  10. angus

    angus Well-Known Member

    Hunting southeast of Fort Smith this Fall and walking back from my stand, I came up upon a doe. It walked right up about twenty yards off and just looked at me. Not wanting to spook it, I slowly walked away the other direction, and darned if it did not follow me. I thought at the time it was either someone's pet of that it had CWD. Never gave it much thought, but turned out it was not far from where the latest infected deer was found.
  11. SwampCat

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    If there is anything to that - coyotes way worse than hogs.
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  12. Onetrakd

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    Same goes with buzzards and crows
  13. DufferDan

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    Crows and buzzards wouldn't have to swim the Arkansas

    Kill young bucks and don't worry about the crows and buzzards

    Sound game management in a way of speaking
  14. Hivernan

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    Crows and buzzards are strict rule followers and do not cross the CWD Zone boundary line.
  15. Luv2hunt

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    The only thing separating the Hot zone for us is the White river. Marion and Baxter respectively. I’m not worried about it but I bet if they would test more they would find it I Baxter. Every evening I literally watch 100s of vultures fly over my house from Marion County to roost in Baxter County. So it’s spreading how? Many possibilities! It’s been here a long time. Do you think I hesitated one minute to eat out deer meat, not at all. God has a way of sorting this stuff out.
  16. ChadL

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    Lynn AR
    Just kill the source! Elk!
  17. SwampCat

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    About thirty years too late for that to work.;)
  18. curdog1

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    I agree
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    This may be a record, a post with participation from CD1 and Rattle that has stayed on topic for 2 pages.