New Commissioner Announced

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    I would love to see a little more blue collar in the mix. I just read all of these commissioners bio’s. I’ve got nothing in common with these people background wise. I’ve got no problem with these people being successful but give me a guy that grinds it out during the week and saves his vacation to hunt public ground. Not somebody that owns thousands of acres or is a white collar executive.

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    I agree but do not expect to see it happen. These high profile appointments are rewards for large campaign donations.
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    Yeah, I want a banker setting wildlife management policies.
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    Ash Flat
    I think that is luv2hunts neighbor...
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    The time required and money to serve is something the average working Joe could not do and make a living. 7 year term would require a lot of time away from home etc. And as stated you get appointed because you donate to campaigns.
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